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Prince Aria[the untold story 4]

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8 months ago

Hi all fellow users. How is your day? Here I'm going to share the rest of the story.

That's when my senses came back. I remembered that tribal boy, I remembered that tourist!

The tribal boy was killed and the tourists were terrified. Repeatedly said long wearing alkhella! I didn't have to tell anyone, but I clearly understood that they were involved in those two incidents. And if something like that can happen to them, it can happen to me!

I need to get out of here right now. I was terrified. As soon as I extended one leg to go backwards, it seemed as if a dry stalk had died under my feet and then it had broken. It was a very dreamy sound but all the spinning people wearing cloaks or human-like creatures stood up. Then one looked at me.

I just stared at them with wide eyes. Because they have no appearance. Absolutely black has become dark. Only two red eyes are shining looking at me. I did not understand what was inside my chest. I couldn't even run. It was as if my legs were numb. I have no more power of my own. I can't go on! I fell there. The cold sand touched me. But I could see the animals wearing those black cloaks. They are coming towards me. I have no ability to move. As they approached, I saw another man in a black cloak blocking their way. That means he came from behind me and stood between me and them.

As I lay there, I could see that Alkhellata, who was standing behind me, seemed to be talking to the group standing in front of me, because I could not hear them. There is no sound. I can only see the hand shaking. I can see that they are talking to themselves!

Well who are these?

What are they doing around this light here?

It seemed to me that the tribal boy had probably left at such a time. And so killed him. Even that tourist probably left at that time. He would have killed him too, but the people left and did not kill him. Then will the girl throw me too?

No one will come to save me! No one knows I'm here.

Shall I die now? Alas, I am not married yet!

I was a little surprised to remember that. Here's my problem with life and death and I'm sorry I'm not married yet! Alas, the human mind!

At one point it seemed that their discussion was over. I realized that it was my turn to die. They will kill me now. I saw a tall man standing in front of me. I just stared at that darkness inside the hoodie with frightened eyes. Red eyes are shining on me. Red eyes said, my daughter liked you.

I did not expect Bengali from them at least. Again pure Bengali! But he did not speak. He doesn't have a face, how can he talk with that. It was as if someone had inserted those words into my head.

He said again, "Otherwise you are not supposed to be alive today." You will get married today!

A little while ago I was regretting marriage and now my marriage! Again with them!

The man said, "My name is Akizab." I am the chief of this tribe. You will be with us from today! Even after you look at our jewels, you are still. It seems that you have a lot of endurance. Otherwise you go crazy. Anyway, you will get married to my youngest daughter Aria today.

No one in my opinion cared. No one even wanted to hear if I agreed to the marriage. After a while I felt as if I had risen a little above the ground. Then I started to fly. Where are they taking me?

They took me out of the forest. I saw a nice ship standing on the sea. From the outside, it looked like a luxury ship. It took me inside. I was put in a big hall like a house. Blurred light inside the house. In addition to me, there are a number of other people wearing black cloaks. Everyone is looking at me with those red eyes. I can't see anyone's face. I can't see anyone's nose and face. It's just pitch dark there. Only red eyes can be seen. About an hour later, Aria got married to me. Although Aria was not brought forward. Possibly he was kept in another room! Surprised, I noticed that the prayer that was recited during the wedding sounded like Arabic. That means I got married according to my religion!

But with whom is the marriage hall?

Akizab's daughter will be like him. Mouth without nose! What a horrible looking girl I got married to! I am a writer man. If my wife doesn't have nose and eyes, how can I give her status on Facebook?

Oh my God!

I was in danger to meet the curiosity!

The next part will coming soon.

Stay home and stay safe. And hope @TheRandomRewarder @Therandomrewarder. Will give some tips.

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Written by   166
8 months ago
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SO nice story and will be curious for next part too

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8 months ago

Really amaizing story... all the best for the future parts...😇 U can check on me too bro...🙂

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8 months ago