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8 months ago

Psycho thriller movie like, find out about the movie .....

Kate and John, an American couple, adopt a 9-year-old orphaned daughter, Esther, after the death of one of their children, although they already have a son and a daughter. Although their youngest son Daniel dislikes his new sister.

Their speech-impaired daughter, Max, likes Esther very much ... Esther's beautiful demeanor, beautiful attitude attracts Kate and John. Since the adoption, there have been a series of unwanted incidents. The speech-impaired girl of the family and her brother know everything but do not express anything out of fear. But after catching these in Kate's eyes,

Kate begins to realize that Esther's temperament is unusual enough that the girl gets angry at Kate. Esther continues to create problems between the couple and in the end she pretends to be a mental patient to everyone, but when Kate realizes this and informs John, John doesn't pay any attention and continues to distrust Kate.

In the midst of so many problems, Kate takes all the information about the girl inside ... can she know about the danger of her family ???

What will Kate do when she finds out the real identity of the girl at the last moment ???

How could Esther, a 9-year-old girl, endanger Kate's family ???

Can Kate save her family from this danger ???

Check out the Orphan movie soon .....

orphan (2009)

Genre ‧ Horror / Thriller

Duration ‧ 2h 3m

Language: English

6.9 / 10 · IMDb

56% · Rotten Tomatoes

42% · Metacritic

9/10 My ratings

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Wonderful review of this thrilling movies. Keep it up writing creative article.

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8 months ago