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6 months ago

Rape is happening every day in our society! Where is the rapists peace? Someone is going out with the fuck fuck of the law and time is getting longer and longer in the name of someone or justice!



Movie: Broken

Country: South Korea

Genres: Action, Thriller, Drama, Tragedy

Release Date: April 10, 2014

Duration: 2 hr. 2 min

OntContent Rating: 18+ Restricted (violence & profanity)


Sang-Hyun, after his wife died of cancer, his family with his teenage daughter! He works in a factory! One rainy afternoon he came home and saw that his daughter was not at home, he could not find his daughter on the phone!

Sang-Hyun thinks maybe her daughter is at a friend's house, this way she does her daily work but suddenly this idea is lost in a phone call! The phone call was from the police!

Her daughter was found raped and killed in an abandoned public bath! As a father, his mother goes to the morgue to identify the dead girl! From that day onwards, the father and daughter turned to the police for a fair trial and came back every day to this station, but nothing worked!

He gets a message from an unknown number in a hurry and he gets the information with the address of the killer! Then he goes there himself without informing the police! A boy saw the raped video of his darling little girl and smiled!

Dad killed the animal in a rage without thinking!

Oops, this is not the end of the story!

What happens then?

And is that boy a rapist? Or someone else?

If you don't know, watch this movie!

This is the number three South Korean film that was adapted from the Japanese Nobel!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier, after which it was in second place at the box office! Earned ₩ 3.71 billion (US $ 3.56 million) in the first four days

Movies are poisoned every second!

The helpless situation of a helpless father!

দিকে I feel a little weak on some sides of the storyline!

J Jung jae ajusisi acting as a father is smooth but a little cold in nature!

🍂 But this movie will blow your mind in terms of emotions!

All in all a beautiful movie! Must watch!

Get Kiss Asian! There is B.sab

May all the fathers of the world be well and may all the daughters be safe

8% of Google users liked! Letterbox 3.4 and IMDB 6.8

I am a big fan of korean movies and I always enjoy their thriller. But this movie was outstanding. You can feel the background music and plot. Happy watching. Have a good time.

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Written by   166
6 months ago
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Woah! I want to watch the movie. Thank you

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6 months ago

Stunning article bro, you arent supportive anymore , i feel sorry for you. if you will remain like this

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6 months ago