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After a long time.

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4 months ago

After a long time,I loge into my account. It's been two or three month I can not remember properly. But I clearly remembered that when I was first time loge in, we could earn point and at a fixed time the point was burned and we get reward in bitcoin cash. At that mean time earning bitcoin from was very simple. and If some power users like your article you got more point and you would easily earn max up to 50 point for a good comment. But now it is quite difficult to earn cash from the random rewarder.

But now I decide to spent time in cause it is really affective for us. we can write article and read quality article and simply improve our english through it. In this 3 month I continuously use facebook and spent a lot of time there.But that's only waste of time. so,from now I spent time here, it's only for improve my english. cause I'm not good at it. If I spent time like before in definately my english will be increased.That was a big mistake.

So,now I'm here to spent some quality time with you.I will made some good friend who also support me. thanks all.

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