Why do people prejudged?

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3 years ago

Funny how my daily devotion comforts my weary heart. Well nothing is coincidence. God knows everything about me and He knows what I truly need.

My husband and I decided to eat out last night just for a change. As we chose food from the food display, one of the person in- charge of that restaurant approached us. So I asked her how much that certain viand cost. She then gave us this remarks " Its depends on the sizes ma'am. These food here cost Php450 each. You can check the other side for much lesser price." I then just smiled and follow her suggestion. We took one from that viand and one from another kind of viand. She then gave us a table number and asked us to just sit there and wait for our food to be served.

As we were sitting, my husband asked me to buy another viand in another food stool just beside where we stayed. After buying the food that we want to eat, my husband then said that " I think we can afford that Php450 right? I looked at him and we both burst and laugh. The lady maybe thought that we do not have money to pay for such based on our looks.

We also had the same experience before. We went to a certain mall in another city and asked how much a printer cost. The sales lady also gave somewhat the same remarks as that lady in the restaurant. She didn't gave us the amount instead she said " This one is very expensive sir." My husband and I just looked at each other and laugh. I just joke around and said this to my husband "sorry sir, but you can't afford this one" and laugh out loud.

People may easily judged us by just merely looking at how we look. We don't usually go out wearing fancy clothes. Most of the times, we go inside a mall with just sleepers and ordinary clothes. Last night we're also bringing with us a dustpan and a broom. At first we were offended but we just tell ourselves that its okay because we are indeed poor and we are comforted.

Often our lives are influenced too much by the opinions of others.
Now it is wrong to judge others, but it is also wrong to be weighed down by the judgment of others.

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3 years ago