God gives,God takes away..

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3 years ago

A sad news came early this morning. My friend lost her baby when giving birth earlier today. I don't know how and what happened. She might had a hard time giving birth because the baby was not in the proper position while still inside the womb. I can imagine how painful it would be for both parents looking at their dead child.

This incident brought back a painful memory four years ago. Way back then, we earnestly prayed to God that He'll bless our marriage with a child and He did. After years of waiting, God opened my womb and I bare a little child. But three months after, I had a miscarriage with our first baby. I could not understand everything , even until now. But still praises to God. Things are painful and the way is truly hard but one thing that comforts our heart is that God is still in control. He knows every details of the process. We just have to trust Him.

May God give my friend the same comfort that I received from Him.

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