Choosing the right career

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I have written an article yesterday on how to know when to quit your job. So for today, I will just write on how to choose the perfect job for you whether you are fresh graduate o wanted to change career. So lets dive in!

Choosing the right career

Finding the perfect professional path can be an exciting (but intimidating) process that affects every part of your life. While choosing a well-paying profession may be your first idea, you must also consider other elements such as your lifestyle, personality, and interests, all of which can influence your career choice and how satisfied you will be with it in the future.

Whether you're fresh out of university or considering a job shift, carefully considering your career options can make a significant impact in your overall sense of success and pleasure.

Take a career assessment test to find out more about your options.

Consider picking a career as a jigsaw puzzle. To create a whole picture of who you are as a professional, many components must come together properly. Several things must be considered, including your personality, inherent talents, interests, lifestyle, and existing skillset. It's difficult to recognize all of these on your own; this is where career testing comes in.

Career tests are an excellent method to cut through the clutter and discover your genuine abilities and characteristics. Because our views and opinions are subjective and faulty, it might be difficult to figure out what we want to do with our lives. As a result, these exams can help you perceive yourself in a more objective perspective and make more informed job decisions.

Psychometric testing examines several aspects of your personhood, such as your aptitude, cognitive talents, and personality, and uses this information to assess your fit for different positions and work contexts.

You may rest comfortable that the possibilities you receive are a suitable fit for you, even if some of your matches haven't considered you previously.

Determine what is most important to you.

When deciding on a career, there are a few things to think about. Instead than letting income be the deciding factor in your career choice, consider what else you would value in a job.

Specific jobs, such as becoming a professor, provide a high level of status but not a high level of revenue. Others, such as being a lawyer or a doctor, pay well yet demand lengthy or irregular working hours. Other careers, such as entrepreneurship, can provide a lot of excitement and creative flexibility, but they can also be a risky way to make money.

Whatever path you choose, make sure it corresponds with your beliefs and expectations, as this will have a big impact on how happy and fulfilled you are with your job in the long run.

Take action.

When we're unsure about what we want to do, it's easy to go to a corner and do nothing. You may find yourself conducting mental calculations and weighing the benefits and drawbacks of each alternative, but you make no obvious efforts to improve your life in the real world.

Thinking about your alternatives for a career can only go you so far. Finding your job path necessitates action, which is a whole different ballgame. If you're contemplating two job paths, for example, choose the one that is more convenient for you and go from there.

Take each step one at a time.

While taking action makes sense when you only have a few professional possibilities to pursue, things can quickly spiral out of control when you have too many or no options at all.

Recruiters love to inquire about a candidate's five-year plan, but the reality is that few people have one. Life is unpredictable, and the workplace is evolving at such a rapid pace that your current five-year plan may be obsolete before you reach the finish line. As a result, don't be too hard on yourself if you don't have a big career path to aim for.

Why not start small instead? Rather than pondering whether or not this next employment chance will truly lead you to where you want to go in five or ten years, take the plunge and see what happens.

Did you look forward to going to work? Or did you feel confined and uninterested? Is this something you might see yourself doing in the long run? These can serve as early warning signs that you're on the proper route.

Taking one step at a time allows you to experiment with your options and adjust your route as circumstances change.

Take into account your way of life

When we choose a career, we rarely, if ever, consider our lifestyle. Every job, on the other hand, has a unique timetable, dynamic, and working environment.

You haven't really thought things through if you decide to be a firefighter because you want to help people but don't want to be on call at 3 a.m. when the next fire alarm goes off.

Your preferred day-to-day dynamic is referred to as your lifestyle. Do you want to have a structured nine-to-five job and then forget about it once you log off, or do you prefer to have more flexible working hours, which may include working late at night? Do you like to be inside or outside? Do you like to work with others or on your own?

Some jobs require collaboration from the start, while others may require more alone work.

All of these factors can have an impact on how you feel about your job and, as a result, whether or not you are content with it. So, when you're thinking about alternative careers, don't forget to think about the lifestyle you want to live.

Be curious

Curiosity allows you to consider many possibilities, which can provide you with more answers than searching for your 'passion' with zeal. Try to pursue something that piques your interest the next time something piques your interest, whether it's a hobby or a favorite pleasure activity.

Examine your interests in terms of what you prefer to learn or read about, as well as the types of activities you enjoy. All of these things could be indicators that you're on the right track.

Keep an open mind to new possibilities.

Telling yourself that the vocation you choose doesn't have to be the be-all and end-all is one approach to relieve some of the burden of making the proper decision. We can be too hard on ourselves at times, believing that there is only one true calling and that if we haven't found it, we have failed. The opposite could not be further from the truth.

Consider your interests while deciding on a job route, but keep in mind that your hobbies may change over time. This means that your career doesn't have to take a straight, linear course, and that's perfectly fine.

Work on developing your personal brand.

Whatever career you select, you almost certainly have an online presence that your potential employer can easily identify before hiring you. As a result, working on your personal branding can be crucial to landing the job you want.

Certain behaviors, such as sharing contentious thoughts on social media, being overtly political, or publishing bad images of yourself, can instantly disqualify you from a job. You can also devote yourself to good actions that can promote your brand in addition to avoiding these frequent social media faults.

Final words

Choosing the appropriate job path is not something you do once in your life and are done with. Instead, occupations can be fluid, changing areas of our lives that can provide us with a great deal of fulfillment if we remain curious, connect with others in meaningful ways, and keep moving forward.

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Thank for this it really helps. On the contrary, sometimes we end up on giving up sa profession na pinagtrabahuhan natin ng napakatagal na panahon not because we don't want the job but because we don't want the environment. Reality, hibdi mahirap ang trabaho mas mahirap ang pakisamahan ang katrabahong nakikipag compete palagi, kasi nariyan ang inggit at galit. Just sayin'. Anyways thanks for your article, nakakapangmulat ng kaisipan kung papaano tao makapipili ng ating propesyon at kung papaano tayo magiging magaling dito.

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2 years ago

True. If the people is to toxic to handle. Better just leave. But you need to have plan b before leaving ypur work

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2 years ago