Why white-label crypto payment gateway is a preferable development approach?

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In the modern digital era, Digital currencies are making their own way. As cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, and dogecoin have been the trending topic in town for the last few years, The demand for these crypto-assets is raising day by day. Merchants are looking forward to a more safe and more secure platform to transfer the crypto-assets. That is how crypto payment gateways enter the crypto field.

A Crypto payment gateway is used to transfer the crypto assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and dogecoin all over the world in a safe, secure, and trustworthy manner. If you develop a Blockchain-powered crypto payment gateway you can generate revenue in a short period. Also, it's simple to use and quick to set up. 

How to Develop a payment gateway platform?

Generally, there are two possible ways to develop  a payment gateway platform  

1. Development from scratch

2. Development using white-label software

From the above two ways, the first way (Development from scratch) is more complicated because it requires more time and spends a lot of money. Also, you need some coding knowledge to develop.  

The second way (Development using white label software)  is the most secure one. You only need to spend less amount and can easily launch your cryptocurrency exchange platform instantly with no need for technical knowledge.

Topmost features of White label crypto payment gateway software

  • Sign-up and Sign-in for users.

  • Internal Security aspects

  • Know-your-customer(KYC) verification

  • User as well as the admin dashboard

  • Crypto wallet integration

  • Withdrawal and deposit history

  • Multiple merchant tools

  • Commission settings

  • External security settings

  • Content management system

By enabling these customized features in the white label software, you can launch a successful payment gateway.

Reasons to buy White label crypto payment gateway 

Here we listed some important reasons why a startup should buy a white label payment gateway software to build a custom payment gateway. They are 

  • Easy to Customize

  • Enhanced Reliability

  • Faster Deployment

  • Reduces Deployment cost

  • Boosts your Brand

  • No need to be a Technical Expertise

If you wanna develop a payment gateway platform, then white-label payment gateway software is the best choice.

Nowadays there are a lot of crypto payment gateway development companies available in the crypto market. But only a few are providing the finest software at an affordable cost. Among them, one of the best crypto payment gateway development companies is “Zab technologies”. They are a leading and well-experienced company in the crypto market and develop your crypto payment gateway with the finest quality at an affordable cost.

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