What are the topmost features of crypto wallet development?

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Crypto adoption is at its peak in recent days. Cryptocurrency wallet users have been growing phenomenally. There are nearly 24 million Blockchain wallet users as of the first quarter of March 2018 which is approximately a 20 million raise compared to 3.1 million users in the first quarter of March 2015. 

Cryptocurrency wallets are software, specifically designed for the management of digital assets. If you own a Crypto wallet, you have one or more addresses corresponding to a pair of either public keys or private keys. 

Now let’s see the peculiar features of crypto wallet development.

User experience

Crypto wallets need to provide a seamless user experience. In the financial sector, the growing popularity of fintech banks increased the focus on UX, and also customer expectations for financial apps are rising. If the crypto space is to keep up, then the usability features are essential for crypto wallet development.

Robust User Interface

When developing a crypto wallet, developers can easily forget that they are ultimately creating an application for non-technical end-users. Beyond designing the underlying technology, getting basic details such as the app design, navigation, and user guide right must also be a priority. Developers should always keep in mind that the market for crypto wallets is very saturated. When one app doesn’t work properly, customers will download a different one.

Push notifications

The crypto market is very volatile and digital asset prices can fluctuate dramatically. The crypto wallet users like to monitor the current exchange rates much more intently than traditional banking customers. To prevent users from losing track of their digital assets and keep them engaged, crypto wallets need to send updates via push notifications. It lets users know when a certain price is reached, coin prices have noticeably changed, or they have received a payment.


Developers ensure Backup for protecting the user funds against software and computer malfunctions. So crypto wallets are developed by proactively integrating secure cloud storage apps like Dropbox or google drive into the crypto wallet.

Compatibility with multiple operating systems

Developers must design the crypto wallet to support all operating systems. They should opt for cross-platform mobile app development, as this simplifies the development process and allows greater flexibility. 

Along with these trading features, Security is an essential one for crypto wallet development. From the user perspective, without the ability to store digital assets securely, nothing else matters. Come let’s see

Two-Factor Authentication

The two-factor authentication login protects user funds against potential hacks. So developers must ensure the two-factor authentication while crypto wallet development.

Automated session logout

Automated logout is important for the finest crypto wallet. To minimize the risk of others being able to access a user’s account, crypto wallets should automatically log out after a period of user inactivity.

Local storage of the private key

It is an indispensable feature of crypto wallets. Crypto wallets should automatically store the private key locally on the user's end device.

These are the peculiar features of crypto wallet development. If you develop your own crypto wallet you must ensure all these features enable your crypto wallet.

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