What are the desirable features of crypto wallet development?

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Cryptocurrency is a worldwide topic in recent days. Generally, cryptocurrency is a virtual, digital currency developed and stored on the blockchain. It is protected by cryptography and is intended to be used as a medium of exchange. Whenever trading a cryptocurrency, a crypto wallet plays an important role.

A cryptocurrency wallet is a software for storing digital assets. A user can use a crypto wallet to buy, sell and keep track of the cryptocurrencies in their portfolios. There are multiple crypto wallets available in the crypto market and the majority of them support ethereum or bitcoin. Mostly, the entrepreneurs prefer a customized solution that meets their specific business needs.

 Desirable features of crypto wallet development

1. Registration/Sign-in System 

This ability to sign in is the primary feature to have in a crypto wallet.

2.  Multi-Signature 

A wallet with a multi-signature is more secure and reduces the risk of fund misappropriation by demanding multiple private key signatures for transactions.

3.  KYC verification

 KYC allows verifying and authentication of the identity of users by using official documents they provide. This ensures the safety of user funds.

4. Multi-cryptocurrency transactions

The multi-crypto transactions enable support for all major cryptocurrencies in circulation. You can also customize this feature for new cryptocurrencies.

5. Privacy

The non-custodial crypto wallet provides users with complete control over their data.  Using a private key in a crypto wallet ensures increased privacy.

6. Options to Sell/Buy Cryptocurrencies

This option enables you to buy any cryptocurrencies through a credit card over a secured transaction. Also, you sell cryptocurrency from your wallet and the money will be credited in your account instantly.

7. In-chat transactions

This feature allows a user to exchange their crypto assets without the help of the exchange platform.

8. Cross-platform compatibility

  Cross-platform compatibility makes it easier to access the portfolio from any device.

9. API connections for crypto exchange

 If the wallet is connected to the leading crypto exchanging platforms via API, users can buy and sell their cryptocurrencies without ever leaving the platform.

10. Multi-Asset Storage

 A multi-asset can be able to store multiple tokens depending upon the user's needs.

 These are the top features of developing a crypto wallet app development. Also, you can add or remove the features depending upon your business requirements.

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