Crypto Payment Gateway Development- everything you need to know?

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Nowadays Cryptocurrencies are the hottest topic in the digital medium. It has changed the entire life of many startups, entrepreneurs, and traders. Cryptocurrencies act as decentralized currency so there will be no banking supervision. Many entrepreneurs and startups begin their business in the crypto ecosystem because of the advent of bitcoin and blockchain. similarly, the growth of cryptocurrencies with blockchain technology has given support to many entrepreneurs to start their own crypto businesses.

If you are looking to make good revenue from starting a cryptocurrency business, then you can set up your crypto payment gateway platform. Because it expands your crypto business to the next level and also attracts many global users.

What is a crypto payment gateway?

A Crypto payment gateway is a payment processor that helps users securely send and receive crypto coins. The crypto payment gateway platform is similar to the fiat or traditional gateway like google pay, PayPal, etc. In a fiat payment gateway, we can transfer our funds by linking our bank accounts in a secure and faster way. Meanwhile, in the crypto payment gateway platform, we can transfer the crypto by linking a cryptocurrency wallet.

Crypto payment gateways are crucial for making instant payments in crypto coins. Blockchain-powered crypto payment gateway is the most important one for international transactions and payments. That’s why there is a demand for crypto payment gateway development services. 

How to develop a cryptocurrency payment gateway?

Generally, crypto payment gateway can be developed in two methodologies they are, 

  • Development from scratch

  • Development using white label software

Development using scratch: This method is to develop a crypto payment gateway by yourself with the help of updated blockchain codes. It is only possible when you are updated in the latest coding technology and an expert in using a blockchain network. But it contains some risk factors that you need to face when you develop by yourself. Because you make any mistake in the coding part, it reflects a negative impact on the entire crypto payment gateway development process.

Development using white-label software: This method is to develop a crypto payment gateway using white label software. You can instantly develop your own crypto payment gateway platform with customized features and inbuilt security aspects. 

Then you can hire a team of well-experienced blockchain developers from the leading cryptocurrency payment gateway development service in the crypto market. 

In crypto payment gateway development, features play an important role in launching a successful crypto payment gateway platform. Come, let's see.

What are the Salient features of crypto payment gateway development?

User & Admin Features

  • User Sign-in/ Sign-up

  • Security

  • KYC verification

  • Admin and user Dashboard

  • Wallet integration

  • Deposit & Withdraw History

  • Support Ticket Submission

  • Transaction History

  • Merchant Tools

  • Merchant Payment History

  • Commission Settings

  • Security Settings

  • Content Management System

These are the salient features that you can get in crypto payment gateway development.

Business benefits of crypto payment gateway development

  • Instant transactions with topmost security.

  • The features obtained from development attract more users towards your payment gateway business

  • You can earn revenue from transaction fees and alliances with payment partner banks, UPIs.

  • Effective customer-based relations 

  • Quicker uptime process without any delay.

  • Multiple devices supporting POS systems.

  • Users can Withdraw money 24/7.

  • Nothing to worry about the chargeback fraud.

  • International payments and cross-border transactions.

  • Secured with blockchain technology and completely secure.

These are the business benefits of crypto payment gateway development. That’s why most startups/entrepreneurs are opting for crypto payment gateway development

If you are an entrepreneur willing to initiate a crypto payment gateway business. In that case, you can approach the leading crypto payment gateway development company to set up your business in a hassle-free manner.

Also, talk to their business experts directly via,

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