Breaded Full Mixed Burger

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If there's one thing I love about cooking, it's that it's not square and gives you the freedom to experiment with different textures, flavors and combinations like this breaded mixed burger with zucchini and egg!

Today I'm coming over here with a recipe a little bit different than what I've been bringing you lately because even though it has zucchini in it I must say it's not a recipe for everyday!

Usually you see me bringing quite healthy food and loaded with vegetables but when you have children and you are "a little" capricious this type of food is allowed from time to time and also at home we love burgers and we have prepared them in many different ways and with different accompaniments.

This time I share with you an innovation for us at home since we had not prepared it that way although my son had been asking for a hamburger with breaded meat for quite some time.

I must say that I gave him a hard time because I thought it was enough to eat the hamburger with everything it comes with to make the fried meat! But after watching a Guy Fieri's program in which they prepared the meat that way, Matias touched the subject again and this time he convinced me and I wanted to show you how our experiment of breaded beef and chorizo burger with breaded zucchini turned out!

As you know, at home we love to eat and cook, that's why you often see me here sharing some recipe, since it's part of our life as a family and as we love to cook it's quite obvious that we love cooking shows and that's where we got the inspiration for this burger.

In fact it is a mix of several recipes and a little bit of homemade inventiveness! We have been using the idea of the mixed meat for quite some time and Matías has been asking for breaded meat for a long time, but I had not dared and when I finally decided, I thought that if we were going to do something different, it would be completely different, or "almost" different.

So we would make the breaded mixed meat, with a cabbage salad with vinegar, zucchini also breaded and the ingredient that would make it "almost" completely different from the others would be the egg, which I really think should not be missing and instead of the traditional sauces I made a sweet and sour sauce from tomato paste and that's how we got our gourmet burger as Miranda called it!

Now without further ado I leave you with the ingredients, as you can see they are very few!

As you can see they are really few ingredients, in fact much less than what we would use to make a traditional Venezuelan hamburger (meat, lettuce, tomato, onion, egg, yellow cheese, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard and french fries), but despite being fewer ingredients it involves a little more work and time, but it is completely worth it.

And then I will leave you the step by step, which we will start by preparing our breading station, wheat flour, egg and a seasoned mixture of corn flour, wheat flour, oregano, salt, chili powder and pepper. Now, the procedure.



Mix the beef with the chorizo paste.

Shape the hamburgers.

Bread the meat starting with the flour, then the egg and finish with the seasoned mixture.

Fry the meat until browned. In my case I did it in the electric frying pan since I could do four at the same time and I didn't have to use much oil.


Cabbage salad is nothing more than finely chopped cabbage, dressed with salt, mayonnaise and a touch of vinegar.


For its preparation I used a tomato sauce or paste with olives that I had at home to which I added water, sugar, vinegar and a pinch of salt and let it reduce.


Cut the zucchini into thick slices (1 cm).

Dip in egg and wheat flour.

Fry in the hamburger oil until golden brown.

Now we just need to fry the egg and assemble our burgers, for which we toast the bread on the inside, place the meat, sauce, cabbage, zucchini and egg.

I press it so that the egg yolk spills over the hamburger, but that depends on each person's taste. For example, my son asks for the yolk to be well cooked and the rest of us like it to spill out.

Thanks for reading, guys, I hope you can prepare it and enjoy it at home. Kisses and blessings!

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And I am literally hungry right now dear. Hehe. It looks very delicious.🤤

Anyways, as you said, that what's cooking really meant for. Time for experiments. That's why I love to learn it more.

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1 year ago

I would eat this even just with the zucchini stand alone. Looks delicious!

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1 year ago