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Dated: May 22, 2022, Sunday

Hi! Good evening, how are you.? I am not fine. I am having a big headache from. Several hours. If i share the story of my day briefly. I would like to utter some specific words. I woke up early in the morning, checked my readcash account, founded nothing special today, so the start wasn't good at all. Then i did my breakfast (with my wife). Then i feed my animals including (one cow, a calf and two goats). Then i wrote an article to publish on readcash. It took my 3 hours. Then brunch time, tea time and after that i went to one of a relatives home, during all this, i was checking my readcash wallet again and again, when i get back to the home, feed again my animals and then now, i am feeling that my whole day was unproductive as i was expecting.

Well, i am going to share some of the facts about my personality today. Every person has some features (good or bad in his/her personality). And i am going to share some unique features i have in my personality (according to my own intellectual ability).

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I am th one Who saves photos from Facebook and never see them again.

While using social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. I have a habit of saving pictures that i like on Facebook. I save a number of photos everyday. I don't know why my mind works in a way that i save them without any benefit.

A person saves things to see them or to use them in future or upcoming days but me... I don't use them again. A very few of the picture that i saved from social media like FB, i use them in my whatsapp status. Or send a very few of the memes i saved to my so called friends (real friends are rare these days. And the rest of the pics are useless for me.

What happens next? When i saved hundreds of the pictures just in one week and thousands of the pictures in one month. It is hard for me to delete those pictures, that were my favorite once and i saved them but now there is no use of those pics.

Because some of all these pics a few are important, i know selecting all and deleting them is easy, but selecting few( a drop from the ocean) to save them forever is difficult for me to do.

I am th one Who subscribes a monthly browsing package for internet and finishes it in two days.

It happened many times with me that i have subscribes a monthly package and finished it just in 3, to 5 days. The reality is, in pakistan there are 3 major sim networks that provide data services. And among these three the network i am using has only a good internet package and the other two networks has cheap social packages. They don't have a browsing package of internet.

Simply i just need an internet package that is cheap and available all the time, 30 days in a month. And Jazz network has this package in which you get 2 GBs of internet for browsing just in 60 cents. And i started using to see videos on social media like Facebook and you are well aware of the usage of data on Facebook.

It sucks the mbs just in minutes and 2GB is nothing. And this way of saving money regarding internet package fails here.

I am th one Who have made his draft full of topics but don't have time to write

Usually finding a topic to move on writing here is difficult. But for me finding a topic isn't difficult at all, but keep on moving that topic is hard. My draft now is full of many topics. While using social media, walking through streets, while traveling and looking different things in daily life creates different topics in my mind.

And i have a habit of saving these topics in my readcash draft, to write on them later when i will have time. Till now, i have more than 11 topics in my draft that i will write on.

I am th one Who wants to feel comfortable all the time.

Comfort is my first priority to all the rest of things. And this may be a reason of my failure in my life. I'm the person who gets angry with who make me feel uncomfortable.

Going out from the comfort zone is like my.

It means that i am at extreme level of laziness. I always keep reading the quotes and lines about how to get rid of your laziness. How to break a circle of comfort zone.

I am well aware of "nothing can be achieved in this life by being in your comfort area except the comfort you are already having".

But i am senseless here, my future is getting towards the worse direction, where i never wanted to go. But i am traveling toward that destination unwillingly.

I am th one Who feels lazy all the time.

Laziness is mostly referred with (liking comfort). As mentioned above i am at extreme level of laziness. I am spending (actually wasting) my time in useless things.

I am have a best degree of Information Technology. For which many people are craving to do this degree but they don't have resources, money and help to start or continue their education in their favorite field. But i wasted my 2 years after my degree and never joined any companies for a job. It is my laziness.

I have all the facilities. Including.

  • My laptop.

  • Power supply.

  • High speed internet.

  • And Time(most important thing from above all).

I can learn online courses with the help of facilities (mentioned above). I can start an online job related to my degree. I can establish an online business. But i am just wasting my time here.

I am th one Who loves reading and writing.

But one thing positive in my personality that i can't deny to accept is i love reading books, and writing up things. And this is what i am doing here. I am spending most of my time on readcash.

I can feel that time runs very fast whenever i open account. I open the app read all the notifications, try to find the notification from random rewarder. And after that i read each and every article of my favorite authors.

And in the remaining time i write articles. I am actually a slow learner from my childhood, and as compared to learning i am also a slow writer.

I spend 3 to 4 hours just in writing a single article. And same happened to this article i am writing now.

I am th one Who visits his own Facebook profile when i am sad or upset.

To stay away from boredom and sadness everyone seeks for different things. But i am the only one who visits his own Facebook ID to keep sadness away from myself.

I have a huge collection of memes and poetry on my Facebook ID. Whenever i feel that nothing looks interesting to me, i firstly open my

id>than my profile>my timelines

And watch more and more videos i already shared there. And in this way i through away my sadness and bored behavior to make my mood fresh.

I am th one who checks battery percentage, signals and network type first when someone sends a screen shot.

Usually the purpose of sending a screen shot is providing a proof or evidence, or something funny is shared through screen shots these days

But i am the one who looks at battery, network, signal and other things in screen shot before seeing the important thing in it.

Do you have a habit like me, While seeing a screen shot.? Do you?


I felt interesting about writing your own personality. Being a lazy person, first time i attempted this kind of task for me like writing about your own personality. I am hoping you will like this. And if you like my article, please express your views in comments section i will write further articles for exposing my personality to you.

At the end i want to say thanks to all my supporters. Thanks to all my sponsors and future sponsors, a very big thanks to my wonderful up voters including the rusty. Thanks all. I love you so much ❤️

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