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March 25, 2023

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I am starting writing this article on 03:32 on March 25, 2023. I don't when will it get complete. I will write the time when i will uploaded it or i will write its last paragraph.

What i noticed today? (my observation about readcash)

Today i received a tip on one of my articles, that i posted 7 days ago. The tip was of $0.05. In the past there was a rule that rusty may visit your article on for first three days(after uploading).

I can feel now the rule is changed now and it can visit now upto 7 days (i am not sure about how much days more than seven it could visit your articles). Although the tip wasn't big but it is valuable, at least it is given by rusty.

It is a good sign for writers, you may have a hope of being observed even after 3 days. ❤️

Good evening guys. It's almost end of afternoon and start of evening so i mentioned Good Evening.

Today's article is about a person. Which has an interesting personality.

This article can be of thousands of words, but i will try to complete it in short and more convenient method. So i could save time of both of us, me and you (the reader).

Well let's me start my today's article.

Maamaa Mannoo introduction

In our native language (sraiki) Maa= mother.

And Maamaa=brother of our mother.

And Mannoo is the name of my uncle from mother's side. We often call them Manno and usually maama Mannoo. Mama manno is 4 years older than me and i am of 24 years. He lives near our house.

Story of Maamaa Mannoo

When Maamaa Manno was a child. (before my birth) and he was of 3 years. And construction was going on, on our house. He then came to our house there he met the Mason (the working man). The Mason was used to get anger on a word called (wataoon) which is a name of vegetable but he get very angry when someone called him (wataoon).

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One of the labour's man asked the child(Mamaa Manno) to call that Mason (wataoon). And that child did so. As a result the mason got anger. And he slapped that kid(mama manno). And yelled at him. Come on, he was just a kid and he said that because he was asked to do so. And he don't have even a guess about the results.

That slap and the yelling by Mason, effected the brain of Maama manno. And after that he started getting attacks of epilepsy.

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After that since the age of four years he remained sick of epilepsy or any other thing similar to that. He over frequently get down suddenly and started getting damaged his brain because of falling down behind.

My grandparents (maama mannoo's parents) brought him to the peer(the people who deal with ghosts and related things). They thought that this isn't a medical issue but a soul disease. They spend a lot of money to these people and nothing good happened with maama Manno. Time has passed and with the passage of time, when mamaa manno was of 8 years in age. His parents bring him to a professor (a doctor).

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Then after doctor said that because of epilepsy attacks his brain get more damaged and it effected the working of mind. Well the cure is still being done by the parents and the doctor. This was a background of the story of maamaa Mannoo.

Maamaa Mannoo now

And now. Mama manno is a man completely, because of the cure and medication he is fine than before but not completely is normal. He is able to survive in this community with the help of his family members.

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What he likes

He likes to be a policeman. He loves the uniforms and caps of police. You may consider it a normal thing but it's not normal. When an abnormal person has a craze of being a policemen it's unusual. He likes kites, the shoes of different nature. The ball ⚽. And other gadgets like a riffle etc.

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His memory.

I can't say anything confirm about his memory but he remembered all the names of our towns people, even the names of new born kids, i don't know these kids name even.

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Closing thoughts

  • Readcash is working well now, although tips are very little but tips on short posts are enabled that's a good sign.

  • Tips are working in between seven days, in the past it was just 3 days.

  • And according to the topic. We should not make the children scared or shocked.

  • We should treat them with love.

  • When someone gets a problem specifically relating to mental health. We should bring him to doctor not to the fake peers( the ghost dealers). They will engulf your money and health of the patient too.


I started this article on 25th of March and completed it just now. At 10.06 minutes, on 27th of March. It took me more than two days to write this article.This is my original content. Words used in this article are totally mine. My own thoughts. ❤️

Thanks for reading.

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1 year ago


Yes my friend. Children deserve to be loved. They deserve to be cared not shocking them.

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1 year ago

Yes, I'm agree, a little mistake by elders cand destroy a whole life of children 💔

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1 year ago

That's true my friend that's as a parent be responsible.

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1 year ago