How we should respond when someone asks a question?

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Hi dear people, hope you are having a best life. It is my first article on this platform. Hope i will be appreciated and i have a hope that you will like my article.

So let's start a new journey with a beautiful and lesson full article.

Why asking questions is important??

First try to find the answer of this question in your mind.. Then try to answer in comment section. And now read my article..

Question is the base of gaining knowledge, asking questions always adds into your knowledge if the answer you get is correct and trustable. Making questions give a great space filled with knowledge in your mind,. If a person don't have questions in his mind he would be thought as he has a very small world in his mind as he is living all if his life in very small place like a frog of well.

  • A person who asks more and more questions is considered as a keen and clever person in learning new things. As compared to the person who never make a question is considered as less interested in world, and he is the type of person which always left behind in the race of life.

  • Science says if you want your children to be more genius and self confident, make them ask questions about everything they want to know. This will make the confidence boost and will urge them in learning new things.

How children learn making the questions? Why this is important?

  • If child is infant, it is your responsibility that how you treat him and how you teach him in the science of asking questions. Well, i have a technique about this thing. When children are infant, show them different things and ask to them by calling children name and say hey! dear xyz what is this thing?? By this kind of questions from you, child will learn first that how to make a question about the things that they didn't understand by themselves. This thing will create an ability in him to make questions well. And next time he will ask questions confidently.

Now we will come to our topic that.

How we should respond to a person who asks questions??

A quotation, whose idea is that.

"A person who asks a question is considered as a fool one time. And a person who don't make even question remains fool all the time"

  • The lines above shows the importance of questioning, and the result also if a person who don't make questions and keeps unsolved queries in his mind forever will remain fool forever, i am agree with the statement, when a person will not ask question he will never learn or he will assume things right or wrong according to his self thinking. And if the processed information by his mind is wrong, he will keep this wrong information save in his memory and will behave according to it, so a complete loss of his life for not questioning his doubts.

How we should behave?

  • Here i have a free suggestion for all of you, that if someone asks a question from you, try to answer him. But one thing keep in mind that answer that question only for which you have an authentic answer or have a debate about the question of second person the debate should be positive. Then you both will reach to a point where you will find the answer.

  • Giving answer relates to your honesty, when you are providing someone with a wrong information you are dishonest there and this will morally be unethical.

You should better give a chance to someone else to answer the question of second person.

How usually people behave to question asking persons?

  • Some of us used to make fun of the person who asks a question. People usually call the question asker as a fool, dumb and many more keywords which will surely hurt him. And he will never get courage to ask any question in future.

How different teachers respond to question asking children?

One of my teachers said that.

Which teacher taunts, or discourage the students when they ask questions from teacher?

  • He also replies his question, he said the teacher who is unable to answer the questions of children because of his limited knowledge, will always discourage students from making questions. He usually disrespect that students in front of whole class. So that the student because of fear from teacher will never ask any question in future.

Questions Are:

1-Most common type of interaction in lesson between students and teacher:

Questions in a classroom are a way of interaction between the two Poles of education system one is a student and other is a teacher and their should be an intimate contact between both of them. Student for sure shouldn't be a passive person in a class he should be active by making questions. In this way teacher will also be effected by the other person that is student in learning something.

2-Interest engage and challenge students.

Sometimes students have no interest in listening to their teacher,they don't have concentration towards the lesson but all of a sudden when teacher asks a question they are directed toward their thinking ability and try to keep themselves as an active participant. And next day they will be prepared and concentrated to their teacher with a thought in their mind that. The teacher can ask quest anytime.

3-Inspires Discussion and Debate.

Many of the students get tired of the old lecture method, they want to learn in a new way, they want discussion in their classroom about a specific topic. They should be provided with an environment of question and answers. And the knowledge gained by discussion will remain in mind for long time as compared to a boring lecture method.


  • Questions are brain of the theory of increasing knowledge.

  • We should impart interest in children to make as many questions as they can, make a sense if curiosity in their minds.

  • We should behave patiently with the person who asks a question

Thank you for reading

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Asking questions is the best learning activity of human life.

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Yeah exactly. Dear friend would you do a favor to me? Please tell me the flaws in my articles, why im not getting visited by bot

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