Being Inconsistent Could be Crucial

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Hello dears how are you doing? Hope you will be fine. A good news is for me only 😜 that rusty is showing kindness to me every upcoming day. The tip reward is increasing, it was 0.01 on my first article 3 days ago. Now it is reached to 0.05 😅😜😜. I love it. Good days are coming again. And your hardwork will not be get wasted but it will be noticed by green babay.

Before starting my today's article i want to say a big thanks to the people here who remained consistent during the absence of green guy (the rusty). Because 0f you guys, he decided to get back to this heaven of information and articles. Because my today's article is about being consistent. So appreciating my buddies is important here.

The change in decision of rusty on tipping the content again may rely on increasing rate of BCH with the increase in the prices of whole market. The price of BCH is $133.6 now which is better than before as it was at 115 in past few days. But this price is much more less than the its bull run price which was near 1500 dollars. That time I wasn't on readcash but was a small Cryptocurency trader. I grabbed two BCH that time. And i still have that bch in my account. I am feeling myself in little bit loss but i hope it will get recovered soon, btc price from 15k is getting high to 27k. So we can have a hope being green in this red world.

I think i took your time already. Now i want to start my today's topic. Well, as you read the title that the topic is all about being مستقل مزاج or مستقل مزاجی which means consistency in behavior. And how beings inconsistent can ruin you, your career, and your everything.

Showing consistency in you behavior after making a decision is as much important as eating food and drinking water for a person to live.

Consistently taking tea could effect your health as well.
Consistency have both positive 
and negative impact on a human
A consistent long posture of
 sitting will effect your bones. 
A consistent struggle will effect
 positively on your successes. 

We will now explain inconsistency from different aspects. Keep your eyes and mind present here to know about this concept and to understand the realities behind the topic i have selected.

Inconsistency in relationship.

Consistency is important in every aspect of life. In the same way it is also a significance in relationships. A person who is consistent is mostly a loyal person in a relationship. Consistency in giving respect and love is the key to a successful relationship. When a person is missing this feature he is close to lose his relationship. So giving importance and respect in a consistent way is must to have a successful relationship either before or after the marriage.

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Consistency regarding tasks, Goals and aims.

This is most important point if we want to highlight the effective approach of a consistent behavior.

For those who don't know the difference between tasks, goals and aims.

Tasks: (daily achievements) The thing or work you want to do in a short and specific time period. For example your daily working chores.

Goals: (Monthly achievements) The things or work you want to do for a long period of time, usual in the time period of months. For example a students wants yo clear his semester or annual exams.

Aims: (lifetime or a part of life achievements) Aims refer to a task that is longest among all and have a really very great impact on a persons life. Aim could be time taking sometime whole of the lifetime to achieve.

Now let's get back to our topic. To get success in life and achieve your tasks, goals and aims being consistent is much important, an inconsistent person cannot be successful in his life.

I would love to relate my story with this topic. As i look back into my story. I am person who posses both the qualities consistency and inconsistency.

The things i am consistent in, are.


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  1. Holding up things. I am very consistent and chipku type person in holding my things. No matter it ia related to materialistic things or soulful (relationships). I have a cellphone which is almost 5 years old, this is my third mobile phone since 2011 ( you can guess how much consistent i am) and this is my second Android phone in whole of my life. Not only the cellphone but wallpaper and ring tone in it is 5 years old, I didn't chance it. You may consider me otiose or imagine me a consistent person but i am. And in relationship, i am also consistent i married a girl after 6 years of relationship. I never quit.

  2. Regarding my career: If i reveal about my career approaches. I am not consistent at all. Whenever i took a step to do something i could not be stable and consistent on my decision more than one week or maximum one month. I started web development after completing my degree. I understood almost 40% of the work then left this work without any solid reason. Then started WordPress and left it also. After that i opened up a YouTube channel, my first video of 5 minutes got more than 1.2k likes. Then left working on it without giving it proper time. It know it could be a successful channel but after three months. Its limit of being monetize will finished.

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Closing thoughts.

Not always, but sometimes it is good to give up and inconsistent. The relationship that's hurting you, show inconsistency there and leave the person who hurts you. Same policy will apply to the job you don't like but this job is sinking you and sucking your brain continuously.

Well thanks for being here. ❤️

Thanks for reading.

It took me 4 hours to write this article for my beloved readers. ❤️ Hope you guys and rusty will not keve it without noticing my effort. ❤️

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