Then her person catches on fire.

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I. The Ones

There are ones who leave lasting impression on other people. They create trails of warmth wherever they go, and melts ice in the middle of a snowstorm. There are ones who embody spring after a long, freezing winter. And ones whose summery dispositions bring light to immaculately dark days.

It starts as warmth that spreads throughout her person - warmth that she is willing to share to the ones who need it most. But it is this warmth that others take advantage of and is endlessly sucked out of her. The demand far outweighs just how much she can give, and she gets forced to provide more than she can... And when she is squeezed dry of this warmth, she's left all alone... and cold.

II. Freezing

Then she's frozen, left stuck in her position. Alone. She is unable to move and unable to ask for help. There are ones who think she can fend off for herself. She's been the source of everyone's warmth. Surely, she can melt the ice surrounding her?

But she cannot. She's only ever able to produce this sought-after warmth for other people. There is some particular difficulty to helping herself. It is like self-help is switched off, and there is no spark to set her to fire.

So she watches every other ones who happily scramble around her, as if ignorant of her current position. They don't look her way, and she's breaking.

It is as if they do not consider her even just a passing thought.

III. Catching Fire

Why is it, she wonders, that when she needs others the most, they aren't there for her? All their warmth combined will be enough to thaw the blistering cold that bites at her skin and quakes her heart, but they haven't looked her way.

Then a spark. It's a spark she's never lit before: anger. Not for the good of others, but anger for herself.

The spark is just below her feet, tickling what is left of her nerves. Then warmth - all throughout her body. And just when she thinks it is all over, sweltering heat engulfs her whole person.

She is slowly and helplessly catching fire.

The fire burns so wildly it reaches everyone else. And before anyone else realizes, the devastating fire breaks down everything.

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Topics: Freewrite