Dream Journal | His kiss tasted like smoke.

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The dream started with me following around a handsome man. He looked immaculate -- his black hair was neatly combed back and he was fair-skinned. I was secretly watching him, as though he was a character in a movie that went on about his day. In the dream, he was following a pretty woman in a hospital. The woman's hair was kept short, curled inwards, and her lips were painted red. She wore a fitted nurse's outfit, which ended somewhere above her knees, and she honestly reminded me of Betty Boop. She had a very sly smile all along, and the thought that crossed my mind almost instantly was that she was extraordinary with really special powers. The kind that could enamor you with her very potent pheromones. The woman kept teasing the handsome man along the way, and while the man looked calm, I knew that he was following her around because he needed something from her. He looked desperate for whatever that was.

Somewhere along the dream, I lost track of the beautiful pair, and I ended up following a funny nurse who looked like a popular local comedienne. She crushed on a doctor in the hospital, and when she and him ended up in the same elevator, she almost passed out from all the feels. The moment she got off the elevator, she ran toward a hallway that forked both left and right, and hid to the right. When I caught up, I almost laughed because she was hiding IN a sink that was was actually pool. The doctor she liked looked interested in her, though, and tried to catch up and was lost for words with laughter when he found her hiding in the sink-like pool.

I was suddenly transported to another place -- a very familiar one. It was my aunt's old front yard. In there stood the handsome man from earlier and the beautiful woman he had been desperately chasing after, who still had a sly smile on her lips. The man asked the woman for "the tea." The woman laughed, conceding, and a cup of tea suddenly appeared from thin air. She daintily took it off the air and handed him the tea, and when he got it, his eyes suddenly darted to me. It was as if he was challenging me to stop him from drinking from it. Apparently, "the tea" was magical. And most apparently, he knew I had been watching them all this time.

By the worn bamboo gate of the front yard, another man suddenly appeared, panting, as though he came running from somewhere faraway. All of our attention drifted to him, and I instantly knew that he was a younger brother of the handsome man: they looked almost identical. He had no shirt on, but he had a beautiful face and messy hair. While he looked handsome and well-built, he also looked like he had seen much better days. In fact, he looked sad and tired and worn. For some reason, I thought that "the tea" would make him feel better, and that the older brother was challenging me to stop him from drinking it so that I could give it to his brother.

The brother's name was "Isaac".

I snatched the cup from the older brother and hastened to Isaac and had him drink from it. He took a sip and the effects were instant. Isaac looked like a lot of weight was lifted from his shoulders. Suddenly, he cried and even wailed. He cried so hard as I, his brother, and the beautiful woman watched him. His shoulders shook and his knees caved in and I knelt beside him to embrace him. He was still crying, saying his "Thank you"s when he hugged me back. (I can still feel his skin on my hand as I rubbed his back to calm him down).

I told him that it was OK. When we stood up, he -- out of nowhere-- kissed me on my lips. I was surprised, but for some reason I didn't really mind. I tasted the smoke from his lips. I even nearly coughed. When I was about to go away, he pulled my hand, dipped me, and kissed me again.

Then I woke up.

Dream Journal from March 14, 2019

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