Save Soil - This affects everyone so please read!

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1 year ago

I am not sure if people are aware but soil the world over is going through a very very bad phase right now and it could leave us humans affecting our children's generation with not enough food and a lot of civil unrest.

Soil is dying a slow but certain death unless we take strong action! This is an issue which affects all human beings regardless of their skin color, regardless of whether you fall left or right on the political spectrum and regardless of whatever differences you may have with the other human being in terms of gender, religion, sexuality, skin color or whatever you can think of!

The fundamental issue here is that we need to understand that if you take out the organic content from the soil, it becomes sand and you cannot cultivate anything in sand. This will lead to a very certain food crisis, water scarcity, climate change, loss of bio diversity and all of this will together result in mass migrations and lots of civil unrest.

The Conscious Planet initiative aims to bring large scale attention to the world about the topic of the dying of soil. This will hopefully start people talking to their representatives to take strong action for it and hopefully save our future generations from things which we take for granted today in our day to day life like the ability to get fresh produce whenever we want.

Please check out the conscious planet website to spread the world and hopefully together we can make it a better place for our children.

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