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What is considered High Net Worth (HNI) in India?

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1 year ago
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I have been trying to research on this topic for far too long and have come across many articles, many opinions and such. Some of the articles mention that if someone has an investible surplus of 2 crore Indian Rupees (INR) or more then you're considered as a High Net Worth (HNI) individual. Some say that number is closer to 3.5 or 4 crores. Just for context, a crore in India means 10 million, so 1 crore Indian Rupees means 10 million Indian Rupees. So you can do the conversion for those numbers.

All this is good but when you go on the ground and talk to arrogant asshole businessmen in India who deal with black money and who gain most of their wealth illegally by tax evasion will try to fool you into believing that even having 10 crore Indian Rupees will only put you in the upper middle class because they have accumulated far too much wealth illegally and would want to make you look like a loser because you don't have enough.

Don't fall for these assholes traps and don't worry too much about how much you have. If you are able to live a decent life with a decent income and you are sincere in your approach and you are not cheating anyone or the government, you are living a blessed and a very good life.

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