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[Spoiler Alert] Haseen Dillruba 2021 Movie Review!

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10 months ago

Before I proceed with writing anything about this movie, I just wanted to say that there is a HUGE spoiler alert for this review and if you do plan on watching this movie (which is honestly not worth watching) then you have been warned!

I am going to cut through all the BS and jump right into the random, weird, senseless ending that this movie has because that's really the whole point of the review and the movie anyways. So here goes.

So basically what happens in the climax of this movie is, Rishu and Rani who are married and who struggle to have a normal relationship end up killing their cousin Neel who happens to tap into Rani's unfulfilled carnal desires after getting married to Rishu because of some issues they have. When Neel returns to Rishu and Rani's home to talk with Rani, things get heated and Rani ends up hitting Neel on the head with some uncooked and frozen (hard) meat that she just got from the butcher which ends up killing him.

Now what I don't understand is, why does Rishu have to cut his hand which has the Rani tattoo and then burn the place down to prove that he is the one who was dead. Once they accidentally kill Neel, they could have as well taken his dead body in their car trunk (which is anyways always parked inside their house not outside on the street) and then dumped him somewhere in some remote area and maybe even burned the body there which they did in their home.

It just doesn't make sense that Rishu decides to go through the pain of cutting his own hand and then ending up burning the dead body anyways. Could have saved himself a lot of pain this way.

Either way, it's a stupid movie. I think the director wanted to make a Hollywood style suspense thriller but it just ended up being some stupid gory and twisted tale of stupidity.

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