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Shahrukh Khan AI ad - a technological marvel and a political masterpiece!

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6 months ago

If you are Indian or have any connection to the Indian subcontinent, you would have seen this Cadbury ad which is titled 'Not Just a Cadbury Ad' for this Diwali featuring the one and only super star from India, Shahrukh Khan! But wait, how come the King Khan is promoting local and small businesses? How come he has become such a nice person and not such an extremely greedy and unethical crony sickular capitalist? Well that's because it's not him acting in the ad, it's just an AI version of him acting and speaking and supporting local small businesses.

Keeping aside the technological marvel of making this happen where the ad takes data from your nearby stores and tells you the store names according to where you live, I think this is incredible in so many levels and surely would have butt hurt Shahrukh "The King" Khan himself because he's such a greedy megalomaniac that he must be cursing himself that an AI version of him is actually supporting small business and not killing the mom and pop shops that he's been trying to kill with so many of his business ventures.

He is very well known in India to be promoting fairness creams which in turn hurt the self esteem of so many young people in India, don't even be fooled into thinking that he's promoting all of those small businesses, it's just an AI version of him doing it.

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