State of Oppression.

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3 years ago

April 11, 2020. Today I had to walk 20 km to find a bag with 7kg of food that a distant aunt sent to my mother and me. So we can survive a few more days with food. On the way, I must go with my mouth covered and if not, I can be fined or detained.

Apparently I should be thankful for this, in other countries the police arrest you. They make you big money fines. However, more and more families have nothing to eat at home. How far can this quarantine contain people's hunger? The State is made to oppress and in a situation of this magnitude it has fallen like a ring on your finger to exercise your divine right to oppression.

China is the most emblematic case. Now your right to free transit is limited by your body temperature. You are no longer a human, now you are a QR code. How long will it take to expand these measures to other countries? The collective memory of nations is often very short. Will we forget these fundamental rights in the name of our survival?

How many people will die of hunger and of diseases derived from it? What's really going on? I think we are all afraid of this uncertainty. There are no joint measures by governments worldwide to deal with COVID-19. Apparently everything is waiting for a vaccine that we really do not know when it will arrive. Meanwhile, many of us must continue looking for ways to survive day by day and avoid the State of oppression.

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It is a state of oppression in deed. Governments the world over are myopic, that's why they couldn't do reasonable things to rid off Covid-19 pandemic on time.

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3 years ago