Small and medium businesses as a way to adopt BCH: My small bakery as an example.

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In the last few months I have been promoting a campaign to support my bakery through the Bitcoin Cash community. Thank God, I have received enough support to start my small bakery and drive Bitcoin Cash adoption initiatives from it. I am very grateful to all the people who have believed in me and my project; They are an essential part of my motivation, as is my family and my desire to progress in life.

To the Bitcoin Cash community and the people who have supported me, anonymous or not, I feel very grateful and indebted. Likewise with Bitcoin Cash as a banner of the original idea of Satoshi Nakamoto and digital cash. Undoubtedly, Bitcoin as a concept and implementation has the ability to transform human relationships in a transcendental way.

For this reason, my commitment from my little trench is to make BCH known as it is to the people who surround me in my bakery (Customers, suppliers, other businesses, family and friends), despite all the difficulties. and criticism to which we may be subjected when defending our ideals. Without hiding the errors and shortcomings that it may have, Bitcoin Cash is undoubtedly the true digital cash.

I strongly believe that this is an effective avenue for BCH adoption: small and medium businesses powered by BCH. It is not an easy task, since the people in charge must have the conviction in BCH as digital cash, be good at business and have some economic stability. The first, to promote and implement BCH around the business, the second to make the business sustainable and prosperous, and the third to be able to meet the first two objectives without major delays. I speak of this from my experience, and it is that without the third characteristic, it has been difficult for me more than once to freely continue my work both in the bakery and for BCH.

Currently, I was ready to launch my first BCH acceptance campaign in my bakery, as well as educational and information clips about BCH through my social networks such as whatsapp, instagram and facebook. And I have had to stop until further notice because the car I use to distribute the products has broken down. Economically, it is unfeasible for me to fix it because I would be left without food for my family and not to mention that I recently had to fix my cell phone. The state of the bakery is reasonably healthy, it is a question of being able to fix the car and be able to continue.

Returning to the idea of starting businesses as adoption centers, the premise for this idea is, how to achieve an organic and massive adoption if people currently only seek to increase their FIAT? Stimulating the use of BCH through businesses really committed more by conviction than by money. Why through business and not education alone? Because the business seeks to stimulate the real use and therefore the need to have BCH, the education shows one more option of multiple currencies. The business implements, education strengthens the implementation. The business is likely to grow and be sustainable, education by conviction should be subsidized.

In conclusion, businesses as adoption hubs make perfect sense to me, since we can visualize them as validating nodes of the system, which have the ability to act as propagators of the use of BCH. But this only makes sense, with BCH being the native currency of these businesses, just as my small bakery has been.

Thank you for your time. Feel free to comment, how do you like this idea? If you want to support me I will be grateful.

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