Pizza to pamper. (Recipe)

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3 years ago

Just write me an article about how the rain made me reflect on life itself. I invite you to take a walk there. This pizza, which I have the recipe for, is involved in that article.

I must confess that it is my first (or first) pizza that I have actually made entirely myself. During my last job at a restaurant I was involved in the process, but I never had to do it all by myself. I Make the sauce, make the dough, assemble the pizzas, bake and serve. Doing the whole process is very rewarding when you are congratulated on the result, well, you know you did a great job.

A little story…

For a long time I wanted to make a pizza. I am a little impatient and finally I decided to make the pizza to share with the people closest to me. At first, my wish was to make real Neapolitan pizza. A real Neapolitan pizza only has the following elements: pizza dough, tomato sauce, “fior de latte” mozzarella cheese, and basil leaves. So, it looks like a very basic pizza, but no. The secret of this pizza lies in the preparation of its dough, it must be prepared with only flour, water and salt. Using sourdough and long fermentation. The sauce also has its secret, and that is that it must be just tomato. Without anything else. Just tomato. Okay, so as I said: I am impatient and do not go through this whole process. I used a faster and very tasty recipe. Neither did I make a Neapolitan, just a pizza to my liking, very tasty!

The recipe

Since I'm impatient, use the new ingredients progress has brought us: instant yeast and other enrichments like sugar and oil (in this case, sunflower oil). Refined sugar adds flavor and oil gives the dough elasticity and extensibility. Without further ado I go with the ingredients:

For the mass:

  • Wheat flour 660 g.

  • Water 449 g.

  • Instant yeast 5 g.

  • Salt 13 g.

  • Sugar 13 g.

  • Oil 33 g. (Olive oil of preference)

    (Weight of the dough 1173 g approximately).

For the sauce:

  • 1 kg of ripe tomato.

  • 1 large onions.

  • Garlic (to taste).

  • A pinch of sugar

  • Basil powder (to taste).

  • Oregano powder (to taste).

  • Salt and pepper to taste.

To decorate:

  • 400 grams of mozzarella cheese.

  • 150 grams of bacon.

  • 1 red bell pepper cut into julienne strips.

  • 1 green paprika cut into julienne strips.

  • 1 julienned onion.

Preparation guide

As the whole process I did alone, I started with the dough, kneading by hand. In a bowl, place the flour, place the instant yeast over the flour and stir to mix. Do the same with the salt and sugar one by one. Then, form a volcano and pour the water. Mix until you get a pasty mixture. At that time add the oil. Mix until you have a homogeneous mass and clean the bowl of all the remaining flour. Go to the table and knead until you have a smooth dough that takes off from your hands. Drizzle a little oil and place in a bowl until it doubles or triples in size. This lasts for about 2-3 hours. It depends on the temperature of the environment.

During that time, take the opportunity to make the tomato sauce. In a cauldron, grease with oil, place onion cut into quarters, tomatoes cut into quarters and without seeds. Let cook over medium heat. Stir constantly. Place the peeled garlic. Pour a jet of water looking for a thick consistency. When the tomatoes are completely waste. Remove from the heat and blend everything. Go through a strainer and pour all the sauce back into the cauldron to season to taste with oregano, basil, salt and pepper.

Already for the final part of this recipe, check that the dough has doubled or tripled in size. If so, you must divide the dough into 4 doughs of 250 g (I divided it into 5 doughs of 230 g). Roll the dough and let stand 10 minutes. When doing this you must be careful not to degas the dough, otherwise it would be crushed. Keep in mind to use a little flour so that the dough does not stick to your hands. Then, take a dough and start digging in with your fingers from the center out without squashing the edges. Make the pizza shape.

Once the pizza shape is ready. Start placing the tomato sauce, just enough to cover the dough, then the onion and bacon, the mozzarella (100g per pizza), and finally the bell peppers.

To bake, you don't need to have a pizza oven or a stone. In a tray with flour is enough. I even recommend making the pizza inside the tray. For home-made ovens, I recommend preheating the oven until it's hot before putting in the pizza. The oven should reach a minimum of 180 degrees Celsius for baking for 15 to 20 minutes each pizza. Pizza ovens reach 360 degrees Celsius and cook in 1 minute. During baking make sure the edges tan, even have some black or brown spots. There you will know that this list.

Cut into four pieces and serve, along with a coke!

I really enjoyed doing this preparation a lot. If you are willing to do it, you can leave me any questions in the comments. When I put it on my facebook. Several friends asked me if I was selling it. It can be a good business, maybe when I have my own oven! Thanks to all who have supported me and I hope this serves as an example of a good article on cooking recipes!

Enjoying the pizzas with my family and friends!

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I love your article! Thanks for sharing it here!

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Thanks friend! I hope you enjoyed!

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Wooww Thanks for your awesome recipe mate! it seems delicious 😌😌

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To serve you!

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