PanXCafé: Building a circular economy with Bitcoin Cash. (FLIPSTARTER).

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I recently tried to make a flipstarter to promote this adoption project through my bakery, but the option of is disabled. I hope it can be resolved soon.

Why finance a project like PanXCafé?

PanXCafé is a small bakery that was born thanks to the support of the BCH community and it is time to make our contribution. The central idea of this project is to create a Bitcoin Cash adoption campaign around the bakery.

Why do adoption work this way?

Particularly, I have seen that adoption work that only involves downloading wallets does not lead to actual adoption. In many cases, the download of these wallets only proceeds because a reward is offered that will be immediately converted to FIAT or Stablecoin money. Without underestimating the great field work that many people around the world have to achieve the promotion and implementation of BCH wallets, this does not imply a sustained adoption over time. In many cases of this adoption, they do not go beyond just downloading the wallets, not to mention if there is any awareness of Satoshi Nakamoto's original idea of P2P digital cash.

What will we do differently for the adoption of BCH?

PanXCafé is a business or company committed to the BCH community and therefore to the adoption of BCH. Being natural that he actively adopts, promotes and implements BCH within the bakery. Not only by sticking a sticker accepting BCH, but also by creating an adoption-friendly environment around the bakery. Through rewarding customers and accepting BCH on a consistent basis. This will cause the BCH that the bakery will deliver through promotions to be delivered to its client, who in turn will have a place to use this BCH again.

Strategies we will implement to create a circular economy with Bitcoin Cash:

  • We will accept Bitcoin Cash as a form of payment in our bakery and encourage our customers to use it.

  • We will start paying our suppliers in Bitcoin Cash to create a more sustainable supply chain and encourage Bitcoin Cash adoption.

  • We will offer discounts and special promotions for those who pay with Bitcoin Cash, to encourage more people to use this cryptocurrency.

  • We also plan to create an online Bitcoin Cash community and share information on how people can use it in their daily lives. We want to educate more people about the benefits of Bitcoin Cash and how it can help us build a more sustainable and fair economy.

What is our history and how did we get here?

The story of PanXCafé is my own story. For several years I have been uploading content to get ahead with my family. I have done it on several sites, Steemit and Yours being the sites where I received the greatest reception. I still remember and appreciate several people, anonymous or not, who supported me during that time. I wrote recipes to be able to pay for my cooking classes, thanks to which I was able to get a job for a while and be a cook. Unfortunately, several of these people I have no longer had the pleasure of meeting, because some are in the BSV or XEC community or have simply disappeared from this environment. Then continue publishing on Honest Cash and finally on the much appreciated Read Cash.

My articles have always summarized my battle to get ahead despite the adversities that occur in the daily life of a convulsed Venezuela. Also from the points of view of this humble user of the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. Actually, I have witnessed great debates about the future of BCH and the brainchild of Satoshi nakamoto. All of this has gotten me and keeps me firmly on the idea that Bitcoin Cash is the true digital cash from person to person.

All my stories are real experiences of this part of my life. Thanks to this, over time and with the support of many people I have been able to start building my bakery from my home. To this day I dare to go a little further and not only build my bakery but also build for BCH.

If you want to know more about me and my career at Read Cash, you can visit my profile.

General state of our bakery.

The business model of my small bakery is Dark kitchen. This model allows me to have more control over inventory with respect to daily sales. Unlike a traditional dark kitchen, as this is a bakery, its raw materials tolerate longer waiting times, so there is no fear of losing raw materials due to low sales. For now, my small bakery is capable of giving me a bit of a dignified life in Venezuela, however it is not easy to maintain a good rhythm with so many setbacks.

That is why we have decided on this business model, otherwise it would have been impossible to survive as a new and small business.

Currently, the net value of the inventory of utensils and machines is approximately $3,000 by my own calculation. In inventory of raw materials we maintain $800 in approximate value. Another vital element for our business model is transportation, thanks to your support I was able to fix my mother's car with which I work, however at the moment it is damaged again, its repair is urgent to continue with the bakery.

During the last three months, the bakery has maintained an average monthly net profit of $180, representing 40% of the sales price. This despite all the difficulties that have come my way so far: problems with my cell phone, damaged car, low sales, high cost of living. Periodically, through Read Cash I am updating the situation.

The previous table is a monthly summary of the general balance of our bakery over the last three months that it has been active. In December we had very good sales due to the Christmas season, however we had to cover some unforeseen expenses in materials for production and sale. In January, it started regularly, being historically a month of low sales, however, it got worse when my phone broke (which was fixed and contingently I received the orders through my computer without any problem) , and later the breakdown of the car.

From this same table, we can infer that our sales must reach 1045 items per month to maintain the balance between expenses and profitability. This number is not a distant number or foreign to us, however we must work hard to get there. This means that we must sell 35 items daily to maintain a healthy cash flow. This number is our break-even point, I have used an average of expenses between December and January, for monthly expenses; For the sale price and the cost of sale per item, I have taken the price and cost of our cinnamon roll as a reference (Sale price: $1, Sale cost: $0.56).

In perspective, our production capacity is greater than the number of items we need to sell, we can produce approximately 400 items per day. So, our challenge is to conquer the market, get more and more customers and be able to meet our daily quota.

What do we need to achieve it?

For this campaign we have built a budget to gain momentum in the following 3 months. In total we request 50 BCH divided as follows:

1. For the bakery and its operation (20 BCH): (10) destined for the repair and maintenance of the only transport that the bakery has. (10) For the expansion of the current inventory.

2. For the marketing of the bakery and the adoption project (20): intended for the creation of campaigns alluding to adoption, including meetings, contests and games through the bakery's social networks.

3. For the adoption fund (10): intended for BCH rewards for promotions and discounts at the bakery. This fund will be kept exclusively in BCH.

Support the first bakery to commit to building a circular economy with Bitcoin Cash! At PanXCafé, we believe that we can be the inspiration our community needs to embrace this cryptocurrency and grow a more sustainable economy. By investing in our campaign, you will be supporting a local business that is committed to a better future for all.

Wallet: bitcoincash:qqr0zl4jznduv88xz8pegu0fx44hatpatgh5rkqenx

More about PanXCafe proyect:

Help me get my family ahead (fundraising to start my little bakery).

My story on

PanXCafé and BCH: Report 1.

Photo Gallery of PanXCafé, my bakery.

Twitter: @CryptoBakeryVe

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Cool to see you starting this and are looking for overseas investors.

The question I have not seen answered is the business part of it. It is clear your heart is in it, but you need more to do good business.

Specifically, how are you going to make a profit off of this bakery? Are you making the food cheaper than they can be sold? And how long before the investors via flipstarter can expect to have their investment paid back?


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1 year ago

Regards Tom! Thank you very much for attention and comment.

1) The bakery works and generates its own income, unfortunately this income (so far) is only enough to cover the expenses of the bakery and some of my household.

2) No, I don't make food cheaper. We try to keep prices competitive and true to our cost structure.

3) No, initially those who support this initiative will be supporting the construction of a new BCH adoption method. It is relevant. Yes, there is the idea in the future of making a true participation or association to build profitable businesses from BCH. In particular, I could talk about the real estate market opportunities that exist in Venezuela compared to other parts of the world... but this is another topic. I prefer to focus on building a profitable business that actively encourages the adoption of BCH and its environment.


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1 year ago

Wow this is an amazing plan and project to promote BCH around the world. And hoping your project will be successful in the future. And you can assure that I’m one of the people who will support you! More power to youu

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1 year ago

Thank you very much for your comment and support! Cheers!

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1 year ago