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This is probably one of the most revealing articles about my life in recent years. It is an old article, I published it for the first time and only time on Steemit (18/2/2018) for a contest on how it came to Steemit. The events in this article occurred between 2015 and 2017. The hardest years (according to my perception of the current Venezuelan crisis). Here I tell how from being a university student I ended up being a cook, how I have gone through time looking for ways to earn money online and how I have benefited from cryptocurrencies. Also, the bad times that he has put me through, like when I bought bitcoin to trade and basically lost everything. I hope it is to your liking and reflection

I am conducting a campaign to raise funds to start a small bakery from my home so that I can support my family with my work. You can find out more about this story and support me through the following links:

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Full story: Help me get my family ahead (fundraising to start my little bakery).

My story for

personal history

Once upon a time, there was a young man looking to help his family financially speaking. The young man was studying for a degree in mathematics and systems engineering. At that time he did not care much about money or appearances, he only liked to solve calculation problems and go to classes. He was a young man interested in the politics of his country and helping others, he was part of the student center of his University where he tried to carry out his altruistic activities.

However, none of this was a comfort when it came to eating at home and having nothing to eat anymore. It was not a comfort to him not even having the passage and transferring to his university. Universities have their transportation and dining rooms, but the economic crisis in their country means that these services diminish their quality, leaving them to the point that they cannot continue to provide them to their communities or they do so with great deficiencies.

One day the young man stopped attending math classes to be able to dedicate himself exclusively to engineering and thus be able to save on expenses. This also led him to think about how to contribute to the expenses in his house and be able to maintain his studies, even if it was for the cost of travel: he began to sell bread and brownies among his colleagues and neighbors.

Business was going well, it was meeting its objectives. It made enough for the commute and breakfast at the university; it even had its growth stage of only selling bread and brownies, cookies, doritos and tostones were also included. This stage of "bonanza" ended quickly and unceremoniously: galloping inflation in the country attacked this small merchant; In a week a box of cookies that came out in 2000bs (which was earning only 500bs) rose to 4500bs and thus undercapitalizing the young man's business.

Some of the knickknacks he sold


Despite this, the young man kept trying to sell bread, without much success he ended up eating it with his family. During this period, the young man began to look for what to do online: thus entering the annoying world of PTCs. It did not take long to realize that it was not the right way to discard it quickly.

One fine day, an old classmate from high school told him about a page called Humanatic, a little resentful of his experience with the PTCs, he thought it was just another page and they wanted him only as a referral. So he ignored his old partner. For not leaving and with nothing to lose that same day, I investigate what it was about: the thing was serious.

Humanatic, a website to audit calls in English. It was one of the best things that could happen to the young man. But getting there was not easy, the old high school classmate was charging her a certain amount of money which the young man did not have (30 thousand Bs for that time 10 $). He got to obtain it in a unique way, the young man received a scholarship for 2500bs per month, but it was on a trip to Maracay (Garden City of Venezuela) on behalf of his university next to the student center that he obtained the money because they gave him 15 thousand bolivars for travel expenses which he saved, the rest his mother lent him with some suspicion when she told him that it was an investment to work online.

In Maracay, Aragua State, Venezuela. Here I still did not know that I would end up being a cook or even less thinking about being a baker.

After a week the investment was back, indeed he managed to make $ 12 in humanatic and with something he had in a ptc he was able to sell $ 15 through the payment processor Paypal. Our young man was excellent, he already had two sources of money: humanatic and the scholarship, so he could continue studying and help his family. It was December and the end of the year was approaching, the young man had $ 20 raised to spend a decent end of years. But this time he attacked the insecurity: the battery was stolen from his mother's car and because of the high prices even his mother had to complete to buy the battery, it was a family end of the year without many in particular.

Entering the new year, the economic outlook of the country continued to worsen, the shortage of products worsens and society begins to rebel the guarimbas they have on every street in Barquisimeto and Cabudare. Humanatic and the scholarship are no longer enough and the young man ventures into the resale of basic products. His flag was toilet paper, he sold them by bulk, however, getting them was not easy and taking them to the client, unless you had to avoid the national guard. The guarimbas escalate and the clashes cause the internet service to fail for four months: humanatic is over.

Faced with this situation, the young man ends up abandoning his engineering studies and begins to look for work. He succeeds and becomes a Cook. For a whole year he worked in the kitchen of gourmet fast food establishments. Developing as a cook and learning a lot. When recovering the internet in his home, he tries to return to humanatic but this had already changed the rules and for the young man it was more difficult to audit the calls. I collect your last $ 10 from the platform. He invested them in Bitcoin and placed them in poloniex, thus taking his first steps in cryptocurrency trading.

They were traumatic beginnings, so it is for those who venture into this world without knowing what awaits them, if they do not have patience or how the markets work. I buy Dash at a certain price and when it goes down I just wait for it to rise and the market continued to sink the price of Dash and the young man only suffered from the probabilistic bias of which he was unaware. This is how he lost more than half of his investment. He stopped playing the trader and only dedicated himself to cooking.

Here I am with my first coworkers. This was my first job in a restaurant. I started by cleaning potatoes and dishes.


As time passed, he continued to enter poloniex to see the behavior of the market and making small movements with what little he had. I was looking for ways to invest in cloud mining, but these were unattainable. Mining a "traditional" cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other is really expensive for a newcomer to the subject. He then decided to investigate what other forms and assets could exist and by reviewing the various currencies offered in the poloniex market, he found STEEM and STEEM DOLLAR. In his investigations he could not believe it. A social network that will pay you to do the same as you do in the others. It was extremely exciting to find this world and see all the possibilities. He is now a proud Steemian and full of enthusiasm to continue growing on the platform.

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