My first E-Book about bakery: my experience with AI. (+ Flipstarter, BCH Adoption)

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1 year ago

It is exciting for me to announce that I have written my first bakery book. I have written this little book or e-book supporting myself with the artificial intelligence of Chat GPT and I have also included images generated by AI through MidJourney. The purpose of this book is to be a product of my small bakery and encourage the adoption of BCH in the community of bakers, apprentices and the community in general that wants to start in the world of baking.

I can speak from my experience using this AI application, GPT Chat is really impressive, their answers to the sentences or questions are usually very accurate and not far from reality. The challenge when interacting with AI is to write "Prompts" or precise instructions to obtain satisfactory answers. I witnessed many errors that Chat GPT presents when talking about bakery, a topic about which your database may not have much information. The same happens with MidJourney, when creating an image, it is very difficult to describe the image that exists in our mind and pretend that through some indications the AI can reproduce it as we imagine it. However, I recognize how powerful and useful these tools are. In this case I am very satisfied with the images that I generate with your support and I have used them to illustrate this little book for beginners.

I have asked the AI to give me a short summary about the book and here I share it with you!

In our ebook "Beginner's Guide to Baking: Learn to Make Bread from Scratch", we will take you on a journey through the history, technique and passion behind baking.

This ebook is aimed at all those who want to start in the world of baking, whether they have previous experience or not. We focus on teaching the basic techniques and essential utensils to make bread at home, easily and simply.

In the first chapter, we explore the history of the bakery and its importance in different times and cultures. In the second chapter, we teach you the processes necessary to make bread, from the preparation of the ingredients to cooling and storage.

In the third chapter, we introduce you to the basic utensils for making bread, from the simplest to the most advanced, with useful tips for use and care.

Finally, in the fourth chapter, we provide you with key tips for making the perfect bread, from kneading to fermentation and baking, including storage and dough formation.

This ebook is a practical guide to get started in the world of baking, with useful tips, techniques and essential tools to successfully make bread at home. Join us on this journey through love and flavor in each bread!

In the last few weeks I have been running a fundraising campaign to drive the adoption of Bitcoin Cash from my small bakery. I am grateful for all the moral encouragement and acceptance that the project has received. I hope to be able to complete the collection soon. I am sure that many people who have supported me would like this fundraising to be done in a very transparent way through a flipstarter. However, I haven't launched the flipstarter for this campaign because I don't have enough resources to do it. For this reason, I have left the written proposal in Read Cash and let the publication of the proposal be the repository of the funds. Thank you to everyone who has had words of encouragement and deference about this adoption project.

PanXCafé: Building a circular economy with Bitcoin Cash. (FLIPSTARTER).

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