My experience in my 1st Flipstarter.

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Greetings to the entire Bitcoin Cash community! I hope they are well. Grateful to the people who have supported me throughout this project, without you none of this would have been possible.

Today, I want to tell you about my experience with my first flipstarter. For those who don't know. Flipstarter is an uncensorable peer-to-peer crowdfunding protocol designed to grow humanity's cooperation and mutual support by making fundraising easy, resilient, and more open. I got this concept on and I will use it to develop this article.

I begin by saying that in all this time I had not been able to do a flipstarter, because it is not accessible to most people. You must have a certain level of computer knowledge to be able to carry out your own flipstarter, you must also have access to fiduciary money in an account in $ to be able to access and do it the "easy" way.

In my case I had to use a popular virtual card in Venezuela called Zinli to verify myself in DigitalOcean, to buy the domain and finally to use the flipstarter application within Digital Ocean. I confess that I did the last process with very little knowledge but I tried to be intuitive and I think I succeeded! The same thing happened to me to add the domain to the page, it was my first time and it was a bit frustrating not knowing what I was doing. And then I also tried to be intuitive again and it worked for me. I think it is because I have some computer knowledge and web pages. Another person without any preparation can simply be terrified by all the "weird" words that are in the way.

Then, already in this phase of "promotion" I have been relatively well received by many people in the community, I really hope they like the idea of my project. I think it's a real way to get organic adoption driven by businesses committed to BCH. So far the campaign has received 1% of the target, many thanks to sandakersmann for his input. Regarding the promises I have two observations:

  • At the time of publishing the flipstarter, BCH was trading around $105/BCH and is now above $200. I think there should be some kind of mechanism that keeps the value of the campaign fixed at the beginning so that at times like this many people can make their promises more comfortably. And even if the price falls also this mechanism is necessary.

  • There are people for whom it is not obvious to make a promise either, this is because they only know how to transfer. And I say this because they have let me know. Perhaps there may be a way to make it easier for everyone.

In conclusion, Flipstarter complies with everything its concept says despite not being so simple for everyone or accessible to everyone. I understand that this is just beginning and has to do directly with the adoption of BCH. In this first phase, Flipstarter campaigns are aimed at developing the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. Without a doubt Flipstarter is and will be a great tool for the decentralized world.

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Join me to create a new adoption methodology. Creating an economic environment for BCH with my bakery, clients and suppliers. let's do it differen! #BCH #BuildBCH

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