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Why Platform like are important to make grow BCH community?

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6 months ago

We discovered about to have 8.7 million species on earth with 6.5 million on land and 2.2 in ocean out of these large number of species only 1 species Got to get evolved on a level where we are now challenging nature made the world for a luxurious living for ourselves we are human are ruling the world.

All this Research and development through out the history did because of only one cause which is we developed cognition which allowed us to make our single organism brain as a part of larger network of brains making all our brains to combine one larger brain which led us to stairs of miracles. This is a thing we did differently from other species on earth and we ended up ruling brain. This only practice made us successful as all of our brain are different from others but for a survival we all support each other. Example of this we can see in our daily lives where each day we have to use 100 of items to make our life comfortable and yet we didn't made any of it these items our brain child of other humans which we get to use as same goes for every aspect of our life we read we learn we watch we do things which are some others brain's creativity and together we all make a community which become superior of other 8.7 million living their .

With this example we are also creating sub communities of our own where every one get to play their parts and the ideology of that community grows. Lets talk about BCH community we are core ideology of what crypto should be we are everything that BTC should be which is not in fact we are more then original ideology of BTC and as we separate ourselves from a ideology took over by some drained brain folks we are what it can be pure of all things we are pure of crypto Ideology breed but we are new that's why we are small but growing rapidly then any other and one main reason of our growth is brain we have that are helping us to Make our voices bigger and our message more clearer to public for that platforms like is playing a major part in it. It is allowing people with words people who can define BCH well to connect people with BCH and creating a motivational chain reaction which is helping writers to write and get motivated by tip and also helping tippers as community get growing hundreds of new people are coming in with these writings and videos and each new one is going to play more vital role in this community. So folks with alot of BCH should help folk with talent to make this community more stronger which will make the ideology stronger which will definitely make Bitcoin cash more stronger. Just like our primitives did with many things once they were able to create cognitive brains with their single brains and now we are here .

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Written by   330
6 months ago
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A first-class article from the stable of ralak. Yes, we really need to work as a team with a common goal to push BCH beyond the moon.

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3 months ago