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What you prefer Coffin or "organic burial pods: which will turn your bodies into trees?

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6 months ago

Every Custom and religion have their own Exercise of funeral around the Globe and now science is taking their way in with a innovation even in funeral custom. A company Capsula Mundi has formulated a fascinating new Burial strategy that would enable an individual's deceased body to be utilized as a seed for a tree. This idea was created by Two italian innovators anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel, Who decided to create a innovative and sustainable burial methods that are totally different from than existing method .

Sound of it seems excitement Imagine Visiting your love once grave and you find their grave by tree and not a Gravestone you sit in that tree and remember them and breathing in fresh air provided with the help of their body. Quit exciting right ?

The company proposed the egg shape organic capsule in which body would be place in a fetal position. The biodegradable shell for a body will be buried with a seed into ground in which eventually body will be decomposed and transform into nutrients which will be absorbed by tree.

This idea is still a prototype and not up for sale in the market company have to deal legal and religious issues before making it as a sale product and Their are some strict burial rules in Italy which company is located. So hope for best I personally liked this idea what about you ?

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my best friend recently passed away after being euthanised after approx 23 years of struggeling. He chose to be cremated and to then have his ashes put into 2 weather balloons that were then released into the atmosphere. It was a beautifull ceremony and after years of not being able to leave his own home (and in the last couple of years even his bed) he is now finally free ...

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6 months ago

Cool! Also... Weird! :)

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6 months ago