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This is a long road and we have to be prepare..

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6 months ago

Yes BCH prices are going up. Yes BCH did in 2 years what other currencies can't achieve in 5 years. Yes we are fastest growing community. We have clear ideology , We are community of people with mission and want to achieve it. But this is a long road and we have to be prepare for it. Our target is not making people of other crypto communities to have a faith on BCH they are in our own echo system they will be good for community but if we focus on them we cant achieve what we want it will be like be a frog in a well which speaks with each other. Our mission is more divine and broader we should focus to the world to bring more. We should focus to bring people who can not understand what crypto is we should focus and make our voice larger and louder to reach three types of people .

"Individuals" Telling them Start using money that’s free from bank charges, delays and fraud. "Businesses" Telling them Reach global customers directly with instant borderless payments. And "Developers" Telling them Build a career on Bitcoin by creating apps that make it more usable.

When we Converted our currency from Metal to Paper it got help of governments for bankers and Gradually, governments assumed a supervisory role. They specified legal tender, defining the type of payment that legally discharged a debt when offered to the creditor and that could be used to pay taxes. Governments also set the weight and metallic composition of coins. Later they replaced fiduciary paper money—promises to pay in gold or silver—with fiat paper money—that is, notes that are issued on the “fiat” of the sovereign government, are specified to be so many dollars, pounds, or yen, etc., and are legal tender but are not promises to pay something else.

But creating a trust of common people on decentralized currency is heck of a task and less then 1% population in world is using cryptos Making a money for a world without supervision of any centralized organization is a brand new ideology for people who are used to happily submit their will to their Governments as I said "This is a long road and we have to be prepare.." it will take generations to get their where we want to be but we have to prepare for it like nothing ever humankind get prepare for .

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Written by   296
6 months ago
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