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SLP Tokens guide for beginners

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4 months ago

SLP Stands for (Simple ledger protocol). This is a new type of token protocol which is invented to be used on BCH Blockchain, means all transactions using tokens is done on block chain. These tokens are so simple to develop any one can create SLP tokens of their own by the simple process with the small chunk of funds.
For how to create token there is a complete step by step guide on Click the link and follow it to create your own token.

But in this article we will discuss in which scenarios these Tokens can be used. Creating tokens and distributing it is fun and it's pretty easy to do, but what's not easy is to add value to the token. So in this article we will be discussing scenarios in which these tokens can be use.

Scenario # 1:

You own a business and you are crypto enthusiastic. Let's suppose one own a small mart in local neighbourhood and he want to introduce the discount program for his shop. So he created SLP tokens on his own mart name for 1$ and for every purchase above 50$ he use to give 1 token to his customers. Which can be avail for getting discount in their next purchase upto 5% discount on any one who give him back 5 tokens and for this all he have to do is install a badger wallet in his mobile and make install badger wallet in his customers mobiles. So every time token get exchange customers get discount. If in normal way he wants to do it he have to buy a discount voucher program or print vouchers for his shop which can cost a lot then 1$. But with SLP tokens he can do it in fraction amount of BCH. Which will allow him to gain loyalty of his customers + token in badger wallets of is customers will be a constant reminder of his shop for his customers. So by simply Using SLP token he have access to a free marketing and free loyalty program. Any brand, any business can use this token this way to achieve these goals.

Scenario #2

Co working spaces/ offices are new concept of modern era where these types of places charges per hour/day/week or month to their customers if we speak generally throughout the globe. Coworking spaces can make their booking by creating their own SLP tokens so suppose one want to book a co working space for a month and monthly charges for this space is 500$ a month so any one who make a booking is give 22 tokens for months which can be utilized as / day any one who want to get in the facility for utilizing space have to pay back one token a day . This way a group of student utilize the tokens and exchange them between them to share a single space .
More idea can be put in it but this text can get any one a general idea.

Scenario # 3

We often want to do charity most of us prefer to do charity to organizations rather than individuals because we don't want any one using our charity money for their addictions. a side of homeless people we know many peoples who are trying hard to end their meets and can use some help of charity. A charity services such as providing free foods can utilize these tokens on demands of their donors. Let's suppose one do a charity of 1000$ to a food storage and their one time meal cost 10$ the donor know some people who can use this food service to survive. so in exchange he ask for 10 tokens and then he gave those tokens to the person who need it. The person can go to these food services and grab a quick meal using these tokens. It will give satisfaction to donor as he know he genuinely helped someone who need it in front of his own eyes and these satisfaction of human physcology can drive way more donor to specific charity organization.

Their are a lot of ways in these tokens can be used by common people and can add value to their business or work and Tokens. Content creator use these tokens such as on platform of Youtube to give these tokens to any one who comment on their videos and those users can utilize these tokens on free giveaway from youtuber or a game developer can use these tokens as a medium of getting items in games also allow users to exchange these tokens in between which can add value to specific tokens. A Online store owner can through these tokens to their customers which can be exchange to their online store in exchange of specific items . Irony in using these tokens are they are simple to create and distribute and very cheap to create. Hope this article will help many to use these tokens .

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Written by   180
4 months ago
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Good article. I will be happy if you can enlighten me on how to get some of these SLP tokens. Thank you.

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