BSV Pump and Dump Drop Scene and it was early then expected

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4 years ago

Few days back I wrote an article on BSV that its seem its going on route of classic pump and dump Scam. Some people argue, some people agreed and some didn't care. Before that BSV internet trollers were active in spreading false rumors about Craig wright having Keys of fortune. The whole scene was just created to make BSV going up and community was acting like they are conquering the world.

But as for today BSV classic drama drop scene happened when his lawyers admits that Craig Wright dont have private keys. Which he was claiming and BSV dropped to 251$ almost 40%. For now its seems simple effect on market of a news but note it down soon more skeleton will be dug out from the dirt and soon people will know that they have been scammed. Small investors loses their money while some big crocodiles profited on this.

one thing is clearer now BSV community is nothing more then bunch of people whose job is to make people believe in something which is not real and today I am proud of being a part of BCH Community we are what true Satoshi vision look like we are one who are really making difference and portraying real ideology of Crypto .

Soon Together we will make the world wonderful place.

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