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5 months ago

The more I am getting into BCH the more I am amazed to see the amount of tremendous effort the community is putting in it. No wonder Roger Ver is making BCH the true ideology of crypto currency. Platform like, and best of all makes us realize BCH community is in making of something great that world will be always remembering these golden days.

I was introduce to crypto currency in 2013 and from 2015 I was Dealing in it as the more time is passing by and world is adopting cryptos . BCH is in making of the largest Stakeholder makes me more excited.

I am always found of playing games in casinos and being IT lazy guy I always preferred doing it online first it was hard with credit card and all verification process. Then I found bitsler in 2016 since then I never gone to any other platform since last year as I become pro BCH. I truly never tried their Games platform as we all know its addicted and once you think your odds are good in any casino you cant change it easily but few days back I decided to give BCH games a try and believe me they have some addictive visuals as well. I believe been in community many already tried their platform if in any case you don't click it and make an account to try it now Bitcoin cash games.

They have best slots collection you find on internet . But I have to warn if you are not into gamble try not to play it for earning though play it for fun and you will find every emotion pounding your heart . I just thought to give a shout out to this fun platform and Thanks them for making this experience great.

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Great ✌️

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1 week ago

Well I was really interested when I saw this post and clicked,but I got only one game details not briefly.But I really like this

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3 months ago

This is interesting and the game is suitable for relaxation after the day's stress. It is also one of the ways to promote BCH for mass adoption.

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2 months ago