What is the first country to think of when you go to Europe?

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What is the first country to think of when you go to Europe? I would say, it's Italy. Italy is like a kaleidoscope, travelling here, you can almost get everything you want. You can admire the magnificent historical buildings in Rome, feel the shock of Mount Vesuvius in the ancient city of Pompeii, or you can go to Venice to experience the sparkle of the "Pearl of the Adriatic Sea" and experience art and art in Florence, the capital of art Journey, not to mention a glass of wine with a different style and seductive taste at any time along the way.

Fashion capital Milan

Italy has a long and narrow land and looks like a boot, so it is more suitable for north-south travel routes. It is not easy to take a detour and you can see the famous sights, so our first stop was in Milan in the northwest. Just like the legend, if you want to shop, Milan must be the first choice, and you must take a look at this magnificent Gothic Milan Cathedral.

Milan cathedral

Milan Cathedral is located in the Duomo Square in the centre of Milan. It is a landmark of Milan. It was built in 1387 and it took 500 years to complete.

Water capital venice

Winding water lanes, flowing clear waves, Venice "born by water, beautiful by water", how can this world-renowned water city be missed?

Bridge of Sighs

The Bridge of Sighs is a baroque stone bridge on the side of the Doge's Palace, and is one of the most famous bridges in Venice. This is a sealed arch bridge building, which can only pass through the small windows on the bridge from the inside out. The two ends of the bridge connect the court and the prison. Death rowmates pass through the bridge before execution, and lament the life that is about to end, hence the name "Sigh Bridge".

Firenze Florence

About Florence- Fei Lengcui . To this day, many people prefer to call Fei Lengcui instead of Florence, because of the city's ancient city atmosphere, small streets, handmade shops, artisans.

Santa Maria del Fiore

The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Flowers is the first great building of the Renaissance. It used to be the religious center of the Republic of Florence and was listed as a World Heritage Site in 1982 as part of the historic center of Florence.

Recommended food

Italian cuisine is elegant and authentic, in addition to the various pizzas and pasta that affect the world, there are various flavors of meat, ham and desserts.

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If i had ever got a chance to visit Europe i would go for Switzerland, Italy or Germany as these are these have best tourist places around worlddwide.

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