Those countries occupying the Adriatic are really worth visiting! 

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The Adriatic Sea, a large bay in the Mediterranean, the scenery is really intoxicating.

The Eastern European countries occupying the corner of the sea- Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina .Compared with the old tourist destination of Western Europe, Eastern Europe is more like an unworldly girl, dressing herself with charming European outfits, but more unique Yugoslav style.

"Value for money travel destination"

Shuttle from the mysterious old castle to the enthusiastic seaside, from the charming fjord to the vicissitudes of the old city, and come together to meet a "romantic escape" from the former Yugoslavia.


It is called by many travellers "the best European country for poor travel". Drink a cup of expresso for more than 1 Dollar in the morning; a cake costs only 2 Dollar . 40 per person can eat a meal in this "meatless" country!

Kalemegdan castle

The ancient castle "Kalemegdan" at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers is the best testimony to the history of the city. The architectural heritage of ancient Rome and the Austro-Hungarian Empire is still visible today. Most of the sites currently preserved are mainly built during the rule of Turkey.

It uses layers of wall tiles from different empires to tell us that since the day it was born, it has been repeatedly bombarded, destroyed, and almost razed to the ground forty times, but every time it stubbornly stood up again .

The well-known Danube has a fifth of its basin in Serbia, and Kalemegdan Castle faces the two rivers.

Many locals also come here for a special trip, not to visit, but to sit quietly on the shore to appreciate and enjoy the precious quiet time. At the beginning of the lantern, the landscape lights on the Danube River are illuminated, which is the ultimate night view of Serbia.

Saint Sava Cathedral

One of the ten cathedrals in the world and the largest Orthodox church in the world, St. Sava Cathedral is a landmark of Serbia.

Founded in 1935, it was interrupted after several wars, and its huge scale has not yet been completely completed.

There is a statue in front of the church. It is a memorial to Saint Sava Nemania. He used religion to unite the Serbs, and later plunged into the critical moments of war and regime change. He finally won independence through struggle. .

Whenever the sky clears, the white building exterior of the cathedral and the blue sky are an excellent match.


Zemun is a typical Central European town below Belgrade, on the romantic Danube River.

There are not only cycling trails, promenades, green spaces and leisurely Belgrade citizens by the river, but also cute white swans and birds.

Sitting on a bench in the park to empty is also a great enjoyment.

Novi Sad

Novi Sad is the second largest city in Serbia. It was the cultural center of Serbia during the rule of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, known as the Serbian Athens.

In history, Novi Sad has always maintained the characteristics of multi-ethnic mixed living and multi-culture coexistence, and the multi-ethnic fusion culture is diverse and dynamic.

Liberty Square is the most representative place . Around Liberty Square, you can see the famous European-style buildings of Novi Sad. In the evening you can watch the sunset at the castle.


Montenegro is really inconspicuous in Europe, with a land area of ​​only 13,800 square kilometers and a population of only 650,000.

American magazine once described it as a medieval village with time going back, which is the latest and most delicious tourist spot in Europe. It is also a resort for many noble stars, known as the next Morocco.


Budva is the backbone of Montenegro's tourism industry, and tourists from all over the world gather here every spring and summer. On one side of Budva is the seaside of the sunny beach, and on the other is the ancient city of Budva, which is the most lively carnival.

Montenegro not only has ancient cities but also beautiful beaches. It is said that there are 95 light beaches on the Montenegro coastline in Budva.


In the largest bay of Kotor, the most indispensable are large cruise ships and small yachts. The original appearance of the medieval city of Kotor attracted most people to go there. The ancient city of Kotor is not as lively as Budva, and has a lot of quiet ancient charm.

The largest fjord in southern Europe is Kotor Bay, which is the best choice for beaches. The yachts along the coast stopped in a row, and in this gathering place of the rich, the small yachts obviously could not be satisfied.There are also two beautiful islands in the bay, Our Lady of the Rocks Island and St. George Island.

 Bosnia and Herzegovina


The lively Old Town of Mostar is well worth a visit. Walking on a narrow stone road with historical traces, there are various craft shops and antique shops on both sides.

The world-famous Mostar Old Bridge (Stari Most) is the undisputed visual focus of Mostar.

The two restored medieval towers are connected by a curved stone bridge, with Muslims at one end and several mosques

At the other end of the bridge is a Croat, a Catholic, a large cross.


Sarajevo, is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina

A war in Bosnia and Herzegovina has indeed caused Bosnia and Herzegovina's economy to go back a lot.

But if you take a closer look and meditate, you will find that there is still a touch of Turkic style in the center of the capital.

The narrow alleys of Bazaar and the many 1630s Ottoman buildings delight visitors.

If time is limited, you can also go to Serbia freely.

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Really cool! Though, your picture for "Budva" is actually "Sveti Stefan" :)

Also, Albania is surprisingly beautiful too.

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