This small, small country, less than 2% of Beijing's, has the color of heaven! 

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Countries that are less likely to be found

Its area is only 316 square kilometers

Less than 2% of Beijing's area

Don't look at it so small

But "the heart of the Mediterranean"

Medieval buildings preserved here

Super Popular Game of Thrones

Shot here

That's right! It is the "European Back Garden"

Fairy Island Country Malta

Malta is a famous holiday destination in Europe

The baptism of war and the collision of cultures

Let it have a unique humanistic style

Mediterranean golden beach and sunlight

Affordable level of tourism consumption

Make it popular with countless tourists

Capital, Valletta

An old city with a history of nearly 500 years

Won the title of "European Capital of Culture"

Stroll in the old town

I can still feel the shadow left by time

Unique light yellow limestone with uniform color tone

Straight ups and downs

Some streets have huge slopes

It's like the reality scene in the movie "Stolen Dream Space"

Become a unique landscape of Valletta

Three sisters city

It's not hard to see from the name

The Three Sisters City is made up of three ancient cities

Before Valletta was built

This is the original habitat of the Cavaliers.

History is earlier than Valletta

Standing high up in the Three Sisters City

You can see the surrounding bay

Annual candlelight festival

What makes this place lively and extraordinary

The streets are filled with candlelight as if walking into a time tunnel

Silent City, Mdina

This is the location of King's Landing in Game of Thrones

The winding lanes in the ancient city

Faded windows and doors, mottled walls

Time is here as if the pause button was pressed

Sun refraction at different angles

Ideal for taking pictures

Popeye's Village

Do you still remember

What about that popeye who loves spinach?

North of Malta

Hidden in a fairytale little fishing village

It's Popeye Sailor Village

It is said that the origin of the village is to cooperate

Built for the film version of Popeye

The village is made of wood

Built in the style of the 1920s

Here you can really walk into the world of fairy tales

Blue malta

Mention Malta

I will definitely think of the beautiful scenery of "Three Blues"

They are Blue Window, Blue Cave and Blue Lake.

The most famous of course is the blue window.

But unfortunately

Blue windows that have been hit by natural disasters have collapsed

But the unique landscape here

Still worth your trip

Blue caves are a group of naturally occurring water caves

Daily from morning to 1pm

The best time to visit Blue Caves

Thousands of people every year

Travel thousands of miles just to see its beauty

This is a great place to make a great film

Everything here is as charming as heaven on earth

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Great article which depicts exactly the main features of this wonderful little island

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