This city attracts a large number of tourists, whether it's a beauty attraction or something else.

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In today's world, there is a city that is world-famous for its stinks. It is not only the hometown of 10,000 nights, but also one of the 10 most romantic cities in the world by the famous American "Traveler" magazine, attracting many tourists. And this is the Fez in Morocco.

There is a fascinating description in the "Spanish Travel Notes": Fez is a place that delights all travelers, because the whole city is a living "Fantasy Night", if a flying carpet carrying Arabs suddenly floats , You won't be surprised, people still maintain the life in that myth ...

Fez is the first Islamic city in North African history and the center of religion, culture and art in Morocco for more than a thousand years. Like most cities in Morocco, Fez is divided into new and old towns. The Old City is one of the largest typical medieval-style cities in the world. In the Arab countries, it is comparable to cities such as Marrakesh, Cairo, Damascus and Sana'a. In 1981, it was designated by UNESCO as a "World Cultural Heritage" protected area and an emergency rescue project for key cultural relics in the world.

The ancient city of Fez has a history of about thousands of years. The details of this history are engraved on its walls, and these textures cannot be scratched. Therefore, this ancient city is protected by the Moroccans as always. Because this is a religious city, a holy place for Islam, and even a capital ...

At the entrance of the city is an old and tall blue door of Bruglu. It is at the starting point of the two most important roads in the ancient city. It consists of 3 symmetrical arches. Eye-catching, while the gate near the ancient city is inlaid with green tiles. Therefore most tourists will choose to enter the old town of Fez from here.

The houses in this ancient city not only have the feeling of layers of mountains and ridges, but also feel the neatness of the scales. These narrow alleys are criss-crossed, and the traffic from the mountains is the same. Therefore, the medieval life is always maintained here. Walking in the old city, there will be a feeling of falling in the old days ..

The Old Town of Fez is famous for its more than 9,000 streets. The narrow streets and curtained markets are full of traditional handicrafts. Various handicraft workshops, restaurants, butcher shops, greens shops and other traditional handmade processing shops. Dizzy, as if instantly returning to the original city-state.

Even if you have a strong sense of direction, sometimes you can't find it even if you bring your phone to locate it. Because, here you will find that it is like a maze. In this maze, everything will make you lose your sense of direction. Except for the sense of direction, the architecture in the ancient city is extremely similar, which makes people confused. In addition, there are more or less goods, in this alley, these goods, stacked in front of your eyes, are unique. But it will dazzle you, and even lose things from north to south.

You may not believe that there is a commercial street in the ancient city of Fez, not just thousands of densely intertwined alleys. In this market along the street, colorful ceramics, finely crafted leather, thick and sturdy Carpets and various dyeing workshops, and even a number of small shops and stalls. Shopping here, you will feel a different feeling, and even a sense of inexplicable satisfaction.

On this congested road, not only are long commodity long dragons piled up, but also a number of cries are filled, one after another. There are no restrictions like shopping in a store. Most of them are handicrafts. These crafts are antique displays ...

The old city can be seen everywhere with buildings decorated with blue mosaics, or mosaic crafts displayed in interior decoration and shops. It is quite like a scene that can only be seen with a kaleidoscope when you were a child. There were copper and iron percussions in the air from time to time, and the rhythm was sloppy. At the door of a handicraft workshop, several Arab men were hammering bronze with hammers, looking attentively. On the wall of the store behind them, there are all kinds of finished bronze crafts ...

In the labyrinth of alleys and winding roads, you can also smell an inexplicable smell, which is the most "color" leather dyeing workshop in the ancient city of Fez.

It is said that Fez is one of the few regions in the world that still maintains traditional dyeing methods. The locals used donkeys to send leather, and then put them into a grid dyeing trough, retaining the ancient methods of traditional rubbing and air drying, so that the colors of natural plants are beautifully displayed on the leather. Fez's leather products enjoy a high reputation in North Africa because each process is strictly performed in accordance with traditional techniques.

Pigment dung and cow's urine are added to the pigment when making the pigment, which naturally produces some unpleasant odors. Although there are many strange things added, the dyed leather is the best in the world and it will not fade.

Hundreds of large open-air dyeing tanks, round, square, and different sizes; black, red, yellow, brown, blue, and colorful. You can also see some artisans busy by the dyeing tank. The scene is quite spectacular, and the smell is bad.

In order to attract tourists, the savvy Fez merchants transformed the houses near the dyeing house into leather shops, selling handmade bags, coats, slippers and so on. Because tourists have to enter these shops, they can climb to the top of the building to see how the workers in the dyeing workshop process leather. During the visit, the store staff will patiently explain the production process to tourists and sell their leather products by the way.

The leather here is definitely 100% pure leather.

The ancient architecture of Fez perfectly displays the charm of religion and ancient heritage here. These ancient buildings are all tall and towering existence. In the ancient city of Fes in Noda, it shows its own silence in a different shape. Here, it is a sedimentary city, and its heritage is almost deep and heavy. Here, you can fully appreciate the different ancient times. The ancient buildings are simple, because they are ancient yellow cities.

In this yellow city, there are slices of yellow. In this yellow castle, you will see the characteristics of these buildings with your own eyes. So, if you have a chance, you can come here and see this yellow city with your own eyes to show you a different feeling.

Despite its ups and downs, the ancient city of Fez has left many beautiful palaces and more than 780 large and small mosques. KaravinUniversity in the old city was built in 862 AD and is known as the first university in the world. Its library has been well-known since the Middle Ages, and it contains the Qur'an with colorful pictures, as well as a large number of manuscripts and other ancient books. It is known as the "academic capital".

Before the completion of the Hassan II Mosque, the Karawein Mosque was the largest mosque in North Africa. The entire building was supported by 270 corridor columns and was constructed from marble, lime, plaster, egg white and other materials. Because Morocco did not produce marble at that time, 1 ton of marble was exchanged for 1 ton of sugar and imported from Italy to Fez.

Interestingly, because the expansion has never stopped for thousands of years, this mosque, which was only 30 meters long, has gradually developed into the largest mosque in Africa, which can accommodate 20,000 Muslims to worship at the same time. This also means that its architectural style mixes different styles from different centuries.

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