These countries in South America can definitely be called NO.1 .... 

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Rich in culture and language, but the mysterious and distant exotic culture and landscape of South America is precisely the key to attracting many tourists. And South America in this season is its most lively season.


Peru is located in the western region of South America. The ancient Indians once established the Inca Empire in Peru. When this ancient empire flourished, it almost covered the entire western South America. At that time, the political and economic center of the Inca Empire was in Cusco, Peru. In the ruins of the broken wall, you can still glimpse the once brilliant Inca civilization.

Machu Picchu ruins

During the Spanish colonial period, they preached the Catholic faith to the locals. Different cultures collided and merged, and beautiful churches stood on this land.

Cusco Cathedral

Under Peru's ancient culture, there are wonderful and spectacular natural scenery.

The huge geometric patterns painted on the Nazca ground are thought-provoking, and the magical lines overlooking the sky even make people suspect that this is a sign that aliens have come to Earth.

The countless animals in the Paracas Nature Reserve attract the attention of tourists.

The Sacred Valley of the Incas is magnificent.


Chile's oceans, snow-capped mountains, vegetation, and deserts have different styles of beauty.

Easter Island is known by local residents as the "navel of the world." Thousands of megalithic statues of different shapes and sizes stand on the green grass. The mysterious and spectacular scenery may have stimulated the curiosity of countless people, and its bright sky, delicate beaches and blue waters are also telling the island The beauty of a lost paradise.

The quiet and ancient capital of Santiago, under the continuous snow-capped mountains, beautiful scenery and long history reverberate in this modern city.

San Diego History Museum

The small city of Valparaiso, not far from Santiago, is full of beautiful coastal scenery and rich Spanish style. The colorful houses are like scenes in anime.


Argentina in the southeast of South America.This season, Argentina has extremely magnificent and beautiful forests, lakes, swamps, waterfalls and other scenery.

Coming to Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, the lush greenery and European classical architecture are spread throughout the city. The colorful culture is like a colorful house, adding romance to this city called "Paris in South America".

Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, this small city at the end of the world, its lush hillsides and snow-free hilltops complement each other with sparkling seawater, the primitive nature of nature The style is shining on the land of Argentina.

Tierra del Fuego National Park

The oil-painted idyllic mood of El Calafate town and the magnificent ecological scenery of Glacier National Park complement each other. In the magnificent glacial world on the Patagonian ice sheet, the roar of "ice fall" tells the nature magical.


From the rugged glaciers to Iguazu Falls, the scenery is completely new. The Iguazu Falls, located on the border between Brazil and Argentina, is the widest waterfall in the world. The pouring water is magnificent, the vegetation is thick, and the water is full of mist, just like a fairyland.

The statue of Christ on Mount Jesus gazed at the city. Religious culture and national enthusiasm filled the streets and alleys. Extraordinary.

Jesus mountain

Selaron steps

Manaus, as the "heart of the Amazon," is full of colorful scenery of the winding Amazon River and vast tropical rain forests. The tributaries of the Amazon River, the Black River and the Solimans River, meet here. The rivers of different colors are black and yellow, forming a different spectacle.

As the largest and most prosperous city in Brazil and even South America, Sao Paulo's colorful cultural buildings are innumerable. High-end shopping areas, carved churches, unique museums, living statues ..

St. Paul's Cathedral

Palace museum

Batman alley

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