The last day of 2019, go to these places for New Year's Eve 

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When the New Year's bell rings, is it embracing the person you love or silently making a small wish in your heart? Indulge in carnivals with countless people, or burst into tears under the bright fireworks? Go to these places when you come to 2020, and give your New Year a ritualistic start.


Tokyo Disney New Year's Eve

The New Year's itinerary introduced in the Tokyo Disney Resort Holiday Package includes hotel accommodation and a special three-day magic passport for New Year's Day! Visitors can freely travel between Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea during the trip, and experience the joy of the two parks to welcome the New Year. Colorful dazzling fireworks will cut through the night sky and announce the arrival of the New Year brilliantly. The jubilant breath of you at the scene will surely make everyone unforgettable!

Countdown to Shibuya New Year's Eve

Known as "the busiest intersection in the world", the Shibuya intersection in Tokyo has become a favorite place for young people and expatriates visiting Japan. The bustling streets are crowded with travelers from all over the world. In the first five minutes of the new year, the big screen will take turns to play the blessing videos of the stars. The blessings will enter the countdown and the atmosphere will reach its climax.

New York

Time Square

When the zero o'clock sounded, the crystal ball wrapped in crystal and LED lights slowly descended over the square, symbolizing that the world was full of light. At this moment, the audience was boiling, and the flying ribbons fell from the roofs of many buildings in Times Square and landed in all corners of the square. The dazzling colors and the intensity of snowstorms may captivate your eyes. Fireworks rose around the big screen holding the crystal ball, and people were waving their light sticks and shouting: Happy new year!


Marina Bay, Singapore

Head to Singapore's Marina Bay to greet the new year with dazzling fireworks, exciting live events, and countdown events throughout the month. Along the beautiful waterfront, any corner is the best place to invest in Singapore's Marina Bay New Year's Eve countdown. Over Singapore's iconic Marina Bay, people can enjoy the tens of thousands of styles that the bright fireworks bloom, and welcome the New Year together.


The largest fireworks in the world

When the northern hemisphere was freezing cold, Australia on the other side of the equator was full of summer passion and romance. What could be more wonderful than watching a gorgeous summer firework and a sense of New Year's ritual? Because Australia is the country closest to the date line, and Sydney is one of the earliest cities to welcome the New Year in Sydney, you will not only see the first New Year fireworks on the planet in Sydney in 2020, but also the first to enter the world One of the people of 2020.


Central World Large Firework Show

The main battlefield of Bangkok New Year is CentralWorld. Because of the convenient transportation in the city center, it is also one of the largest shopping malls in Southeast Asia. This place is not only widely known by the world's tourists, but also the first choice for locals throughout the year. The annual New Year's Eve Festival, which attracts every year, attracts countless people. The warm-up performance of the celebrities, the countdown at 0 o'clock and the grand fireworks, pushed the atmosphere of the New Year to a climax. People greeted the new year in laughter and laughter and did not want to disperse until dawn.


New Year's fireworks show

The annual London New Year's Eve Fireworks Show attracts more than 100,000 people each year to gather in central London, England, to welcome the arrival of the New Year. Thousands of fireworks were launched from the London Eye and a barge on the Thames. With Big Ben ringing 12 bells at 0 o'clock on the 1st, dazzling fireworks illuminate, illuminating the Thames and the ancient city of London, passionate music sounds at the same time, the audience cheers and greets the new year together arrival.


Dubai New Year's Firework Show

On the world stage of the New Year's Eve, the country of Dubai must be indispensable. After all, its huge scale has been setting a world record in recent years. Unlike other pyrotechnic shows in the world, Dubai is a three-way joint show. On the evening of December 31st each year, Burj Khalifa, Palm Island and the Sailing Hotel, the three places at the same time full of bright fireworks, tens of thousands of salutes scramble to render the sky over Dubai gorgeous.

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If you ask me, I'd go to every place in the list 😁

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singapore is best place for New Year's Eve 💖[ but you can travel online at the same time visit]

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4 years ago

I've actually never travelled anywhere far for a New Year, for me it's always a family time - time to reunite with everyone and time to be home :)

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