The gate of civilization in ancient Egypt has been officially opened for thousands of years.

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Check out the pyramid with "witchcraft" and divine power! 

The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities held a press conference in Luxor, a tourist city in southern Egypt, in September, announcing that two 3,300-year-old tombs have been restored and officially opened to tourists. The two ancient tombs are located on the west bank of the Nile River. The murals of the tombs are well preserved and depict daily life of the year.

One by one ancient tombs are opened, and thousands of years of civilization have opened their doors one after another, and the world understands that this is really something that should be happy as a modern person.

Ancient Egypt is one of the most mysterious and magical ancient countries in the world. The ancient Egyptians not only possessed "witchcraft" and divine power, but also spent their lives busy "death".

In a mysterious and mysterious country like ancient Egypt, the royal pharaohs will also work hard to survive forever, but they seem to play more advanced, not only looking for the technique of immortality, but also thinking about rebirth or ascension after death, From the king of his life to a higher level-God, and then rule everything in the world.


There is a proverb in Egypt, "Humans are afraid of time, and time is afraid of the pyramid . The biggest problem that time brings to human beings and even to all living beings on earth is death.

The Bible says, "As long as children have flesh and blood, he has also become flesh and blood. He must destroy the one who holds the power of death, the devil, by death, and release those who are slaves all their lives because of fear of death. People. People all over the world are slaves in their lives because of fear of death.

There are more than one pyramid in Egypt, but more than a hundred. The most famous is the Giza pyramid group , the most famous of which are three: the largest is the Khufu pyramid (also known as the "Great Pyramid"), the second largest is the Kafra pyramid, and the smallest is the Mengkara pyramid.

The Giza Pyramid Group is the oldest and only surviving building among the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and the Sun Boat Museum is now set up beside it; besides these three main pyramids are the famous Sphinx and 3 A small pyramid belonging to the queen.

Focus: exceptionally spectacular! The Khufu Pyramid is 146 meters high, which is equivalent to a 40-story skyscraper.

For the next 4,000 years, the Khufu Pyramid remained the tallest man-made building in the world, and was not surpassed by the Eiffel Tower in Paris until 1889.

The people in the heavens who professed to be ancient civilizations must sigh themselves before the historical scale of ancient Egypt.

The ancient Egyptians believed in life, and believed that after death, people would reach another world. If the corpses were kept intact, the soul would fly back into the next "life", which is not related to the natural phenomena they observed. The sunrise and sunset of the sun and the The stable flood season of the Nile River made the ancient Egyptians believe that everything exists in a state of reciprocation , and it is natural that human life can be resurrected.

Every pharaoh in ancient Egypt has begun to build a tomb for himself since he ascended the throne, and has devoted his nation's power to retaining the corpse so that it will not rot, in order to improve the limbs in the afterlife, in order to achieve eternal life for God beyond death. When the ancient Egyptians cried and called their motherland to build this huge world miracle.

It is a mysterious pyramid. What puzzles scientists most is that the construction of Khufu's pyramid incorporates accurate astronomical knowledge.

Not only the four sides of the pyramid correspond to the four directions of southeast, northwest, and the error is less than 1/20 degree. The air passages inside the pyramid can directly observe Sirius A and B at night. Sirius B was only recorded in modern science in the 19th century. All of this makes people have to lament the magic of ancient civilizations.

Abu simbel temple

The Temple of Abu Simbel was built by Ramesses II during the nineteenth pharaoh of the new kingdom of the Pharaoh era (the honorary title of the ancient Egyptian king) and dedicated to the sun god Amora and the protector of Upper Egypt, the eagle god Horu. Si, the dark god Seth, and himself.

This king is a powerful player who adds to his drama. He is one of the most famous pharaohs in the history of ancient Egypt and has a legendary life.

Let ’s take a look at it: he ’s 67 years, there are 8 queens, countless concubines; there are about 100 children, including 12 sons with legal inheritance rights who died early; at the time the average life expectancy of the ancient Egyptians was only In his 40s, he lived to his 90s; and none of his favorite concubines, Nefertari, had survived him.

In the contemporary era, Ramesses II is a showman who buys himself Weibo search every day.

He likes to sculpt his experiences on the building after boasting. He always remembers to deify his statues all over Egypt and stand side by side with God. Abu Simbel Temple is the largest representative.

▲ But the funny thing is that this temple is not called Ramesses, but Westerners named the temple after a little Egyptian boy (guide).

The Temple of Abu Simbel is in the southern part of Aswan Province, on the east bank of the Nile River. Most of the journey to here is through the desert.

When you are confused by the endless desert, you suddenly see the oasis, and the temple of Abu Simbel is here.

Four giant Ramesses II chiseled out in the mountains sit quietly watching the clear Nasser Lake, guarding the temple entrance.

The 20-meter-high sitting statue represents different ages of Ramses II. (Knowledge: All statues have iconic beards. Pharaohs must have beards. Even female pharaohs have fake beards because that's a symbol of power.)

The murals in the temple are the most well-preserved Pharaoh's murals in Egypt, and the murals painted with colored mineral pigments have lasted forever.

The murals include the heroic battle of the mighty division led by Ramesses II, as well as the tribute to the gods and the crown of the sun.

Almost every war on the murals can write a tens of thousands of stories, but various novels about Egyptian pharaohs have been circulating on the market.

Temple of Hasor

In addition to showing his own achievements, Ramses II also showed his love everywhere.

Less than 100 meters away from Abu Simbel Temple, there is the smaller Hassel Temple. This temple was built by Ramses II for his favorite Queen Nefertari.

In the paintings of the temple built by Ramesses II, Nefertari's shadow is often seen. She is either intimate with Pharaoh or with the gods afterwards.

However, even with so much love in architecture and murals, Ramesses II married 54 women in his life, including his daughter (yes, you read that right). There were 100 sons and 54 daughters in his life. It is estimated that Pharaoh himself could not remember the names of all his children.

According to records, there are countless treasures in his pyramid to ensure that he can live an extravagant life whether in the underworld or resurrected in the future. (Remember to go to the Egyptian Museum and don't just look at the golden mask and look at this net red pharaoh)

Holidays on the Red Sea coast

In most people's impressions, Egypt has always been associated with ancient history and vast deserts. However, the wonderful location of the Mediterranean Sea to the north and the Red Sea to the east has given Egypt a unique sea resource . Look at it.

Floating above Egypt's Red Sea is the most fascinating romantic anecdote:When the Cleopatra was dating Anthony, she would take a luxurious floor boat with a precious purple sail hanging from the hand cabin, and gold inlaid on the stern building. Glorious.

Dressed as the goddess of Venus, the queen rested in a veil of thin, cicada-like gauze. Anthony was invited to the boat for a feast, and the two were immersed in the romantic Red Sea. This brings some romance to the Red Sea.

And when you lie on a beach chair on the Red Sea, watching a white sail sailing in the distance, enjoying such a modern and relaxing time, you will reap an Egypt that is completely different from your imagination.

Egypt is an ancient civilization. Thousands of years of stories are hidden in places such as pyramids and temples with distant time imprints. These stories have a strong impact on the present world.

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we potatoes have our own portal gates, we use them when we find ourselves in a dark cellar without light and no hope for a better life

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I loved visiting Egypt. Hug from Portugal

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