The first stop of the new year, of course, you must choose the most fresh and freshest punch. 

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Selected the top ten fresh experiences in 2020. These destinations slowly unveiled with the New Year bell are waiting for you with a new attitude.

Great Egyptian Museum

Giza, Egypt

The state-of-the-art Egyptian Museum will be unveiled in early 2020. The first exhibition area will display all 5,400 items in Tutankhamun's tomb for the first time, allowing visitors to explore the life of the pharaoh in detail. In the museum's 20-meter-high exhibition hall, there are also 3200-year-old statues of Ramses II, as well as 20,000 handicrafts that debuted.

Dawn Café

Tokyo, Japan

The role of robots in the tourism industry is becoming more and more obvious, and it is not limited to automatic equipment without faces-this cafe is proof. The robotic waiters in the store are remotely controlled by paralyzed people through eye movements. In addition to ordering and serving dishes, they can also communicate with customers. The trial operation at the end of 2018 has been well received. If this model is continued for a long time, it will bring job opportunities for the disabled in the home or on the bed. The cafe is scheduled to open before the 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympics.

Grab Bicycle Path

Rome, Italy

The 45-kilometer cycle road in Rome is expected to become the world's longest urban bicycle road. After years of construction, some sections of this road have been opened successively. By 2020, you may be able to face the breeze and take a leisurely tour of the Eternal City, along the way you can enjoy the charm of famous attractions such as the Colosseum, St. Peter's Basilica, and Apia Road.

Hug sculpture

Boston, USA

This bronze sculpture commemorates two great Americans: Martin Luther King Jr. and Colita Scott King Jr. With the theme of love and sympathy, it evokes memories of people embracing the couple and fighting for civil rights side by side. The sculpture finally settled in Boston Park, the end of an anti-apartheid civil rights march led by King in 1965. In addition, the Roxbury community in Boston will establish a King Center for Economic Justice dedicated to "promoting class mobility."


Dubai, UAE

The speed of Hyperloop is amazing, and it can reach 1080 kilometers per hour. The train runs on the magnetic levitation track in the steel pipe, the air resistance is minimized, and passengers can sit in the capsule-type compartment and feel the feel of the gallop. Futuristic city Dubai is naturally the best place to implement this technology. The planned super high-speed rail will eventually connect here with Abu Dhabi, and the already-built approximately 10 kilometers track is ideal for the first time to experience this major transportation revolution. . Hyperloop is also one of the demonstration projects at the Dubai World Expo in October 2020.

Great Southern Railway Tour

Adelaide-Brisbane, Australia

The newly opened luxury railway proves that as long as people still like to enjoy the beautiful scenery leisurely, in the exclusive carriage accompanied by the rhythmic swing of the train to sleep, travel by train will never be out of date.

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