The beauty of Central Europe is hidden in these small details you can't imagine ... 

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Eastern Europe, with Bohemia's exclusive romance, shows its unique style to the world. Coming to Eastern Europe is like traveling through a fairy tale world. Do n’t believe it? Let's start with the Czech Republic.

Czech beauty,

Hidden on the Charles Bridge as the morning mist lingered,

Hidden in the Devil's Castle-like Tyne Church,

Hiding in Prague Square without a wishing pool,

Hidden in the magical small houses of the golden alley ...

Prague, it is the first city in the world to be listed as a World Heritage Site. Time hasn't changed much about Prague, with buildings from the 13th century everywhere.

Prague retains a very complete look of the Old Town, and the heart of it is the Old Town Square. Every holiday, there are lively markets and performances here. The locals are laughing and laughing. Even tourists are easily infected by this happy atmosphere.

Prague Castle is the world's largest ancient castle complex. Standing on the Petrin mountain on the west bank of the Vltava river, it concentrates the artistic essence of various historical periods. The castle-facing side of the castle has a free observation deck, which provides a great view of Prague.

Inside the St. Vitus Cathedral, crowned by kings of all ages, the tomb of St. John made of sterling silver, colorful stained glass, and frescoes decorated with gold are dazzling.

Golden Lane is a medieval-style alley in Prague Castle. The colorful houses are bright and lovely. The short houses that need to be lowered to enter are full of fairy tales.

The Charles Bridge in the evening was less lively and noisy, but more romantic. In the setting sun, on the Charles Bridge, hug each other with loved ones, I'm afraid I can't be happier.

This stone bridge spanning the Vltava river was built in the 14th century and has been around for more than 600 years. The bridge itself is beautifully constructed, with thirty saints statues separated on both sides, as if walking through the museum's promenade. The scenery overlooking the river is even more beautiful.

It was in Kromlov that it became clear why it could be called "the most beautiful medieval city in Europe". This small town loved by God is surrounded by the Czech mother river Vltava and lingering. It combines Gothic and Renaissance architecture and preserves the original medieval appearance.

The red roofs are clustered with pointed churches, small bridges running over stone roads, and wandering between them, as if through time, back to medieval Europe.

The other Karlovy Vary town is a famous hot spring town, which can not only make hot springs but also drink hot springs.

Holding a special hot spring cup, you can taste one by one along more than ten hot spring pools, each of which has different effects.

The beauty of Hungary,

Hidden in the love legend of Princess Sissi,

Hidden in Liszt's "Hungarian Rhapsody",

Hidden in the jingle of an old-fashioned tram,

Hidden in the afternoon sun in the afterglow of classical architecture ...

There are free verses chanted by Petofi, pure fairy tales, and heroic epics.

The capital of Hungary, Budapest, is known as the quiet capital of the world, but it is not because of its vastness and sparse population. Budapest has more population than Prague and Vienna. Budapest's "quietness" is actually due to its calm and peaceful temperament.

The Danube River, the soul of this city, was discovered when I saw it. The melancholy water is far deeper, more affectionate, and unforgettable than the imaginary blue.

The beautiful Danube River is most charming at sunrise and sunset. The sun shines on the shores of castles, palaces, and churches with a layer of dreamy orange red, reflected in the clear river water, as if it was in beautiful oil painting.

Tourists who have come to Hungary will tell you that the beauty of Budapest spreads along the banks of the Danube.

Known as the "New Paris of Eastern Europe", Budapest has 9 bridges flying across the left and right banks, and locals love to walk on the chain bridge.

The "Fisherman's Bastion", built by local fishermen more than 100 years ago, has long become a pilgrimage site for lovers and is an excellent panoramic view platform in Budapest. Standing on Fisherman's Bastion, you can see the Danube, Margaret Island, the Chain Bridge, the Capitol, and Mount Liberty.

The parliament building on the Danube is Budapest's most representative Gothic building.

The beauty of Bratislava,

Hidden in the baroque old town,

Hidden on a new bridge like UFO,

Hidden in the ancient city gate preserved in the Middle Ages ...

Since the disintegration of Czechoslovakia, Slovakia has existed for more than 20 years as an independent country, and has grown stronger.

The charming old town is an ideal starting point for visiting Bratislava, although the old town itself is not that big. The castle occupies the main position of the southwest corner of the old city, and everywhere is a good place to overlook the city scenery.

Stroll through the narrow Goose-Nongshi streets, admire the 18th-century buildings drawn by crayons on both sides, and countless roadside cafes under the patronage of the castle, as if you will instantly return to the medieval era.

The beauty of Krakow,

Hidden in countless magnificent buildings in the ancient city,

Hidden in Wawel Castle, the residence of the once king,

Hidden in the exciting central square ...

It grew from a small village in the 7th century to the second largest city in Poland today. As the capital of Poland, Krakow is an under-appreciated city. It is classical and dignified, exquisite and elegant, and permeates the medieval style.

The city structures and ancient buildings that have been preserved in the Middle Ages can be seen everywhere along the road, so that Krakow exudes a quiet and peaceful atmosphere that can only be brewed in time.

The beauty of Auschwitz,

Not in its quietness and tranquility,

It's about its feelings about history,

And the awe of life and peace.

It is one of more than 1,000 concentration camps built by Nazi Germany during the Second World War. On January 27, 1945, the Soviet Red Army captured the Auschwitz concentration camp. At that time, there were only more than 7,000 survivors, including 130 children.

In 1979, UNESCO added it to the World Cultural Heritage List as a warning to the world "to peace, not war".

Once the concentration camps made people heartbreak, they also made life more cherished and hard-won peace.

The beauty of Hallstatt,

Hiding on the uneven eaves,

Hiding in the sparkling lake,

Hiding in the mountain scenery .

Regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, this place is beautiful, and you don't need your superb photography skills to delicately depict its beauty!

The lake here is crystal clear, and it can even reflect your beauty. All year round, whenever you want to come, the beautiful scenery here is waiting for you.

Central Europe is memorable

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Nice article. I've been to all these places and can confirm it. You just have to change the title. It's not Eastern Europe but Central Europe. Eastern Europe is Ukraine, Belarus and European part of Russia.

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