The beautiful travel destination-Cambodia 

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Cambodia, here, you can experience the mysterious meaning of the ubiquitous smile Buddha statue.

Forests outside the city are becoming more and more lush, and temples are scattered in this tropical jungle. For a long time, they have become a shocking spectacle in the world that cannot be ignored.

There are four-faced Buddhas with different expressions and smiles. These huge heads look down on the world from all corners, with some mystery and charm in the peace.

Although the people here are living in poverty, they will show a pure and kind smile as soon as they see you.

Angkor Wat-Miracle of the World

In Angkor Wat, many things are unprepared. When you walk into it, you will find that many things are not in the photos you have seen before. Only by being in them can you feel more deeply. Every temple, Every building, even every humble corner, has his unique taste. These mysterious faces are hidden in the jungle, and they are watching in all directions, as if observing the world quietly... And what you see is just the most famous prelude in Angkor.

Bayon Temple-Khmer Smiles Everywhere

From a distance, it is not a mountain, but a temple. The 54 huge four-sided Buddha stone sculptures are shocking. The Buddha statues are full of unknown mysteries, quiet and serene, and they seem to be neither joy nor anger. This smile is like the guardian of Angkor City, guarding all the secrets of Angkor Dynasty. 

Bakheng Mountain

Bakeng Mountain, located northwest of Angkor Temple, is the commanding height nearby. At the top of the mountain overlooking the panoramic view of Angkor Wat is one of the best places to watch the sunset.

Tabulong Temple

A small seed accidentally dropped in the wall gap 500 years ago, the root and the whole building is grown in length, all in one.

Beng Mealea-Millennium Ruins in the Jungle

Beng Meale is the most worthwhile and most difficult site to visit in Angkor. If you love adventure, you must not miss it. Beng Mi is listed between the abandoned courtyard and the tower, and the trees and grass grow densely. The mystery revealed here is definitely rare in the world.

Tonle Sap Lake

Take a boat ride on Tonle Sap Lake and experience the unique life of people on the water.

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