Super practical travel guide to Thailand for the first time!

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I. How to apply for a Thai visa?

There are two ways for ordinary tourists, you can choose according to your situation:

01. Tourist visa

To apply for a Thai tourist visa, you can go to the Thai embassy or consulate by yourself. You can find visa application information on the official website . It requires a processing fee and is issued about a week or so.

02. Landing sign

The visa on arrival is a visa to be issued after arriving in Thailand. It is flexible and suitable for friends who want to leave. As long as they have a passport, they can depart after buying an air ticket.

PS: You need to prepare relevant documents for landing visas. Thailand landing visas are free of visa fees.

2. How much does it cost to enter Thailand?

Thailand requires that individuals must bring foreign currency with a value of not less than 10,000 baht and families with no less than 20,000 baht . During the entry, there may be a random check of the cash you carry. Although the probability of random checks is not high, once the cash is insufficient, the foreigners will be refused entry and repatriation. The group tourists and freelance tourists are the same.

3. How to choose a mobile card in Thailand?

There are three network operators in Thailand to choose from: AIS, truemove and dtac.

★ Truemove inter sim card: cheap, many people use it, the disadvantage is that the signal coverage is not wide enough, sometimes there will be no signal in the wild;

★ dtac Happy card: slightly more expensive, good signal coverage, Internet access is best

★ AIS 1-2-Call Card: The most expensive and best signal. Use this card to never worry about "lost contact".

PS: These cards are available at Thai airports and 711 convenience stores

4. How is traffic in Thailand?

Different regions are different, and places like Chiang Mai in Bangkok have well-developed public transportation.

There are several types of public transportation in Thailand: trains, buses, buses, buses, taxis, double cars, tuk-tuk, double cars, Grab, MRT, BTS, and motorcycles.

★ Keep an eye on the ride and let the driver check in. If you are afraid of getting stuck, you can also choose Grab, the price is more transparent.

★ Tuk Tuk and Double Car are the more special modes of transportation in Thailand, you can try it.

5. What to wear when traveling to Thailand?

Thailand has a tropical climate. The climate here is warm four seasons a year. Thailand can be divided into three seasons throughout the year, hot, rainy and dry seasons. The average annual temperature is 24-30 ° C.

★ Thailand hot season: Generally, the temperature is the highest in March-May, with an average of 32 ℃ ~ 38 ℃. It is called "hot season" and the air is dry.

★ Thailand rainy season: June-October late October is affected by the southwest monsoon monsoon, which is a "rainy season". The average monthly temperature is maintained at about 28 ° C.

★ Thailand cool season (best travel time): November-February is Thailand's best "cool season" of the year. The weather is cooler at this time, with an average temperature of 19 ° C to 26 ° C.

Mainly based on summer clothes, what short sleeves, long skirts, suspenders ... how beautiful to wear! However, in some places, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, and the Thais are very air-conditioned. A long-sleeved jacket is a must.

PS: If you want to visit the temple, you can't wear it too exposed, you need to prepare a pair of knee-length pants or skirt. In addition, swimwear, sunglasses, slippers, and hats are all necessities. You can also choose to buy them locally. Girls can also prepare a few gauze towels for sun protection.

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