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Sahara only accounts for 1% of the beauty here. How many hidden beauty are hidden in Morocco? 

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The breathtaking Sahara desert looks out of reach

More and more people are beginning to set foot on the Sahara and fall in love with the Sahara ...

It has a cold face, but it has the charm that can't look away;

Its scenery seems very simple, but there are surprises everywhere;

It is so mysterious and magnificent that I ca n’t help but go to dreams countless times;

It is so unique that people will not get bored even if there is no signal from the world.

The breeze blew through, and I could only hear the rustling sand and the distant camel ringing. What troubles disappeared at this moment ...

With the arrival of sunrise and sunset, the dunes are smudged into gentle pink and dazzling gold, and become extremely shocking and enchanting in the vast desert curve!

The Sahara is beautiful, but the surprise from Morocco has just begun ...

Here is like a rainbow-like fairy tale country, bustling streets, lonely old alleys, charming deserts, blue waters ...




Maybe you haven't heard the name, but you must have seen beautiful photos of this town.

In Chefchaouen, the doors, stairs and walls of most homes are painted in a blue color higher than the Mediterranean blue, which is the azure blue that belongs to the beauty of the deep mountains. The deep and shallow layers are fascinating.

The blue paint brushed by local residents to drive away mosquitoes has made this city a global super “net red city”.

It is close to the Mediterranean Sea, and because it is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it looks extraordinarily peaceful. As a small city in the Muslim country, it is also full of strong Arab style.




It's called Casablanca, and it's also called small white town. 

The Casablanca believe that white represents sincerity and purity, so they like to wear white robes and build white houses, which is also the origin of its "white city".

In this city, which is all white buildings at a glance, the big event that changed the world's structure has happened secretly-the Casablanca conference.

There is also the Oscar-winning film "North African Spy Shadow" and the long and melancholy famous baritone "Casablanca", which gives a lot of mystery here.

Here, you can stroll along the Casablanca Miami Ocean Drive, face the sea breeze, and look out over the blue Atlantic Ocean.

At the Hassan II Mosque, feel the Moroccan devotion to faith.

Or arrange an afternoon tea for RICK'S CAFFE to reflect on the classic scenes of "Northern Africa Spy".




Merzouga is the entrance of Morocco into the Sahara desert. Here, riding a dromedary came slowly into the depths of the desert!

Merzouga red sands are gorgeous and they also have one of the highest dunes in the Sahara, Chebbi Hills. It will definitely be an unforgettable memory of your life!




The beauty of Morocco lies in nature and humanities. Marrakech's famous Sleepless Plaza has been lively for thousands of years and still tireless.

From sunrise to late night, you can see snake dancers in India, Arabs selling spice tea, storytellers with long beards in Morocco, various performances, and countless food and beverage sales, clothing, and carpets. , Furnishings, leather, handicraft small stalls.




Many well-known films were shot here: "Gladiator", "Four Feathers","Cleopatra", "Love in Sahara", "Lawrence of Arabia".


Ancient city of fes


The ancient city of Fes, named by one of the top 10 most romantic cities in the world by a famous American magazine (Traveler), is a stop that Morocco must not miss.

The long and narrow streets and lanes, the paved roads, the smell of spices and herbs in the air, and the hoarse of horseshoes, make Fes a place long for countless people.

In addition to its beautiful palaces and more than 700 mosques, it also has a thousand-year-old "leather dyeing workshop".

Hundreds of colorful dyeing tanks are arranged in turn, and the laboring workers are quite spectacular.




Here is the capital of Morocco, the product of the Moorish tradition and the exchange of modern Western civilization, the contemporary capital, and the political center. The only city built along the coast.

The conflict and integration between the old and modern new towns demonstrate the interweaving of Morocco's multiple cultures.




Tangier's famous Hercules cave is very magical. It is said that Hercules is the place where Europe and Africa are separated.

Although the cave is not large, the mouth of the cave facing the Atlantic Ocean is exactly like a map of Africa. Here you can see Spain and see the boundary between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

This is Africa, but not like Africa,

No tiger, no cheetah,

No elephant, no giraffe,

But here is intoxicating blue, pure white,

Charming gold, passionate red ...

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Written by   34
6 months ago
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The Sahara covers large parts of Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Western Sahara, Sudan and Tunisia. It covers 9 million square kilometres (3,500,000 sq mi), amounting to 31% of Africa.

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