Not only roses in northern Thailand, but also the warm winter sun and cherry blossoms

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As a tourist destination, Thailand has always been loved by domestic tourists. This is especially true in this cold winter. In recent days, due to the influence of cold air, many countries continue to cool down, so that most people can only watch the rain and snow drifting out of the window at home.

However, Chiang Mai, Thailand has always been a warm and pleasant climate. The temperature is maintained between 15 ° C and 30 ° C. It is the most comfortable weather that is neither hot nor cold.

When it comes to travel to Thailand, everyone thinks of monks and cheap and delicious exotic foods all over the country. When it comes to cherry blossoms, most people think of cherry blossom viewing sites are Japan and South Korea. But from December to February every year, there is also a grand cherry blossom festival in Thailand.

The cherry blossoms in Thailand belong to the Himalayan wild cherry blossoms. They are similar in shape to the Japanese cherry blossoms and also have amazing blooming scenes. Whenever the cherry blossoms bloom, the whole mountain is dyed pink, spectacular and dreamy.

Chiang Mai is the best cherry blossom viewing spot in Thailand. Want to see the cherry blossoms, what are some good places in Chiang Mai?

Doi inthanon

Inthanon Mountain is 2595 meters above sea level and is the highest peak in Thailand. It is located southwest of the ancient city of Chiang Mai, more than 100 kilometers from the ancient city of Chiang Mai.

Arrival: about 2 hours by car

In January of each year, because of the cherry blossoms in Tanongshan, the scenery is beautiful at any time. In addition to the cherry blossoms, the top of Mount Inthanon stands the twin towers built by the Royal Thai Air Force for Emperor 60 Shengshou and Queen 60 Shengshou Heshou.

The Queen Tower is soft pinkish purple as a whole, showing the gentle, delicate and noble atmosphere of the female body.

The King's Tower is the opposite of the Queen's Tower. Compared with the softness of the Queen's Tower, the King's Tower looks stable and generous, like a strong and brave man standing firmly on the mountain. A tall golden Buddha is enshrined in the tower, and a white lotus flower is on the top.

Chiang Rai

Tianzhi Mountain around Chiang Rai is also a cherry blossom viewing spot. Tianzhi Mountain has both cherry blossoms and sunrises, which is very suitable for tourists visiting Chiang Rai.

Way of arrival:

You can take an air-conditioned bus to Chiang Rai at the Arcade Bus Terminal of Chiang Mai No. 2 Bus Terminal, the whole journey is 182 kilometers, about three hours; or chartered.

In addition to cherry blossoms, Chiang Rai itself has many attractions worth visiting. The most famous of these is the black and white temple.

The White Temple was built in 1997. Its real name is Bailong Temple, also called Longkun Temple. Designed and built by the famous Thai designer Chakermchai Kosipipat. From a distance, the temple seems to be built of porcelain, and when you approach it, you find that the illusion is caused by white paint and glass sequins.

The white temple is made of plain white, and there is no gold inlaid everywhere, which symbolizes the purity of the Buddha; the silver mirror is bordered, which means that the wisdom of the Buddha shines on the universe. The arm shape at the entrance of the temple is a symbol of hell. The murals inside have added many modern elements in addition to the traditional Buddhist theme.

The black temple was designed and built by Thai ghost artist Thawan Duchanee for 36 years. In fact, it is not a temple, but a museum.

Among them, a large number of exhibits on death were collected, and ancient bones and primitive hunting tools were merged into various artworks. The giant seats of buffalo horns, the relief of the devil on the wooden boat, and the wind chime device made of animal skins suspended in the air, give people the impression of hell.

There are dozens of buildings decorated with horns scattered around the Black Temple. All the buildings and exhibits are based on black, which is completely different from the White Temple, showing the vast difference between heaven and hell.

In addition to the surrounding cherry blossoms, Chiang Mai itself is a city that makes people linger.

The ancient city of Chiang Mai is beautiful and peaceful, with many ruins. Many attractions are concentrated. Among them, the photo sacred place Peta Gate is close to the three temples of Chedilong Temple, Pathing Temple, and Chiang Man Temple. These few classic attractions are gone at once without leaving regrets.

In addition to these beautiful ancient buildings, Chiang Mai also has art districts like locals like Nimman Road.

The whole road is filled with fresh and artistic atmosphere. Restaurants, coffee shops and specialty shops of all sizes have been carefully designed, and they are also a concentration camp for many online celebrity shops. This colorful but elegant trail is also a great place to take pictures.

Chiang Mai also has many Thai-style play items.

In such an elephant country, the elephant camp is a must-go. Here you can really get in touch with these cute elephants, feed them, play with them, take a bath in the river, take a walk in the jungle together, and truly feel the harmony between people, nature and animals.

As a country where nature and humanity blend together, the night zoo cannot be missed.

In Thailand's largest zoo, sightseeing cars take you up close to observe the natural behavior of habitual animals at night.

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