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Bagan is home to temples and pagodas. An ancient city with 1,000 years of history, it was named a World Heritage Site last year.

Shwedagon Pagoda the symbol of Myanmar

Yangon, the golden pagoda and the city of meditation

Time to walk the golden city

“Minglaba!” My heart pounded as if I met the first love I had forgotten for a long time. At dawn, the cold air quickly filled with warmth, and the steps became lighter.  A golden temple appeared on a dark street. It is the symbol of Myanmar, Shwedagon Pagoda.

The exterior of the giant pagoda, 100m high and 426m in circumference, is all covered with gold. At the top of the tower, thousands of diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and other jewels are packed, reminiscent of a treasure tower. Even the small pagoda surrounding Pagoda is all decorated with gold, so it shines brightly when the sun rises. The unbelief of the Myanmar people, a devout Buddhist, would have created this golden color.

The dawn has just begun, but Pagoda is full of people sitting on the floor and praying. It is not because of the splendor that people see. This is because it is the oldest pagoda in Myanmar and a precious place containing the hair of Sakyamuni. The unbelief that comes from the depths that cannot be seen in the mind was leading them here every day.

Mahasi Meditation Center, one of the top 10 meditation centers in the world

A journey to find peace in mind

 In Myanmar, which has a 2,600-year Buddhist history, it follows the Vipassana meditation practice performed by Sakyamuni. Vipassana accepts her mind as it is and gains enlightenment. There are several Vipassana meditation centers in Myanmar, but Mahashi Meditation Center is one of the top 10 meditation centers in the world. A large number of people practice every day. Foreign meditation is also possible, so travelers can stay for a while and join the journey to find peace of mind.

Meditation practice is usually practiced by several people, but at that time special events were held to gather monks from all over the world.

Beautiful sunrise in Bagan with old temples and balloons

Bagan , home of the Eternal Tower

The price of giving up late sleep

Bagan, Myanmar's largest Buddhist sanctuary, is one of the world's three largest Buddhist sites, with Angkor Wat in Cambodia and Bodoru in Indonesia. It was selected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site last year, and tourists are taking more steps. Bagan, the largest unified kingdom in Myanmar, disappeared into history with about 4,500 pagoda over 1,000 years of time. Unfortunately, about 2,000 towers were destroyed in the Great Earthquake in 1975. Nevertheless, the fact that there are more than 2,500 pagoda and temples still in existence wasn't just the qualifier of 'the hometown of the towers'. 

To properly contain Bagan, you must give up early oversleeping. If you don't want to miss the sunrise, the highlight of your Bagan trip. It is still long before the sun rises, but the hills have already been crowded with people.

Overcoming the cold energy at dawn, everyone was waiting for the sun with an eye of hope. When the sky changes far and the sun doesn't even shine, people tired of waiting turn one by one, “Oh, there!” With elasticity, a balloon floated in the sky. At the same time, at the end of the horizon, a red sun rose. Temples shyly turned their faces to the brightly lit earth, and a number of balloons flowed over the reddish sky. The price to give up oversleeping and endure cold was really sweet like honey.

The Ananda Temple, with its mysterious beauty, is crowded all day long.

The highest Thangbin Temple in Bagan

Fragments of Bagan's old history

'Myanmar's Most Beautiful Temple' When you enter the Ananda Temple, you find that this title is never overkill. Boasting the most beautiful architectural styles of Southeast Asian Buddhist architecture from anywhere. Each of the four Buddha statues enshrined inside the temple has different directions, and if you look closely, the shape and expression also show subtle differences. There is no Buddha with the same expression, from a cool eye to a gentle smile. Rebirth is a crossing of a dangerous river and flowing into the sea of ​​peace. 

Sagegon Pagoda, Bagan Ruins # 1
The interior of the Ananda Temple consists of elegant curved arches
Trivial scenery of Ananda Temple
Ananda Temple is one of the most beautiful places in Southeast Asian Buddhist architecture

● Shopping in Bagan

If you want to get a glimpse into the lives of locals in Myanmar, go to Nyaung U Market. It is a new world for travelers from the early morning. From all kinds of ingredients, daily necessities, clothes, and souvenirs, the gist of all things spreads out. It is often lost in the entangled alleys like a maze, but it is also a pleasant memory. I wander through the alleys and bump into bananas with a bumpy look. Some good-looking people find hidden gems in every corner and enjoy the windfall of Duktem. You can also purchase the natural sun cream 'Thanakha', which is used by locals in Myanmar.

Inle Lake

● A warm heart
blooming in the Inle Lake

A long, slender boat clung to the water's surface and ran constantly with a splash of water. As all the passing moments were woven into a panorama and returned to the past, the deep and dark blue water came to mind again. Surrounded by high mountains 900 meters above sea level, Inle Lake is the second largest lake in Myanmar. The length is so long that even if you run an hour by boat, you can't see the end. What makes Inle Lake so special is that there are people who make it a place for life. There are floating villages, markets and farms all over the lake, and of course pagoda and floating temples.  It is a place where a unique round shape like a ball is enshrined. It is ironic that the Buddha statue is like this because of its faithful faith, and the form was changed when people prayed and put gold on the statue. How many people have been putting gold for a long time. The more people know about Myanmar's disloyalty, the more surprising it is. 

Inle Princess Resort is a resort on the Inle
Inle Lake where you want to stay for a long time, feeling like all the peace in the world.

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