Must see sunset scenery and vacation enjoyment in a lifetime——Sabah(Malaysian state)

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Sabah, a simple and natural,

A place to linger

It has perfect underwater scenery

Clear sea water with high visibility

Its beauty is always there,

Waiting for you to taste!

International Five Star Hotel

A luxury beachfront resort, Shangri-La's Rasa Ria Resort & Spa is built on 3 km of Dali Bay and features a 64-acre nature reserve and golf course. Here you can experience the natural environment of rain forests, beaches, and wildlife. It is the best place to admire the landmark of Sabah: World Heritage Kinabalu.

Located at the northern tip of Borneo in eastern Malaysia, Sabah is the most exciting stop for Malaysian tourists.

The big reason why you are so excited is Sabah.

Pure and clear, with seawater and fine ..

Among all the well-known islands, Sabah is definitely one of the most pristine and clear seas. One important reason is that Sabah does not rely on tourism! Therefore, the best ecology has been maintained for many years. Its sea water clarity, coral activity, beach fineness, and snorkeling level are not inferior to the Maldives!

Fancy soaking in the sea, all kinds of islands are waiting for you

Sabah has the world's most diverse marine ecology, charming tropical islands, clustered coral reefs and atolls, crystal clear waters and bright sandy beaches. It is a famous diving paradise.

The white sand and fine sand of Manukan Island are the rare pollution-free marine world and marine ecological protection area in the world. It has gathered many tropical fish schools, and the environment is beautiful and crystal clear. It is one of the best tropical islands for snorkeling.

In addition to snorkeling, there are many cost-effective hydrophilic projects here, such as underwater strolls, parachutes, motorboats, etc.  There are also many amazing wild animals living on the island, such as monitor lizards. If you are not careful, you can meet them intimately.

The sea around Sapi Island is crystal clear, the beach is lined with fine sand, and the coral scenery is beautiful. Various tropical fish can be seen in the water, and you can dive into the water to explore the colorful underwater world.

Mermaid Island was originally called Mantanani Island. Because the crystals in the surrounding waters are crystal clear and manatees are common, it is named "Mermaid" Island. The stretch of white sand, the simple Longusi people, and the coconut trees swaying in the wind are all good targets for filming. Fortunately, there is still a chance to see dolphins!

Not every island's sunset will be included in the world rankings, and if you have not witnessed the sunset in Sabah with your own eyes, you cannot imagine its beauty!

The only place in the world with a proboscis monkey

The most standard animal in Sabah is the proboscis monkey. This kind of creature known as the "big nose love holy" only lives in this unique ecology. One is a group, it depends on your luck!

The most fairy tale dance of fireflies in the world

Another big wonder of the mangrove forest is the firefly of the silver flower of the sky! Under the lonely starry sky, the little fireflies flickered, dotted the entire river bank, like the decorative lights on the Christmas tree ... These elves will come to your side and dance around, quiet and shocking, like a dreamy fairy tale world.

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Wow! That place is amazing!

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